I am Taylor Otwell. Ask me anything.

Taylor Otwell is the creator of Laravel PHP framework. He also created Lumen, Forge, and Envoyer. Shoot any questions you want Taylor to answer!

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Great to see you here! How do you maintain and manage so many popular and widely used projects like Laravel, Lumen, Forge, Envoyer etc ?

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Creator of Laravel

I've developed a fairly consistent daily routine. I start work at 8:00am and I always tackle my e-mail first and answer all support requests that came in overnight for Forge and Envoyer.

Once I have that cleared I review the Laravel organization PRs on GitHub. I try to keep that under 20 across the entire organization. One key to this is not "waffling" on a PR... if you are leaning "no", it's important not to procrastinate just saying "no".

Once I've finished PRs for the day I don't really go back to them until the next morning. I move onto whatever I want to work on for that day. Usually it's about 9:30am by this point. Lately it's been Spark. I'll work on that for the rest of the day as well as answer anymore incoming support requests that come in throughout the day. Typically I will only check my e-mail once every 1.5 hours or so I'm not distracted by incoming messages. I'll typically also close Slack and sometimes my IM client as well so that I have no notifications to deal with at all.

Thanks for the question!

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What are your productivity hacks? Building and managing so many successful projects must be stressful at times. How do you make sure you are productive and always up for challenges?

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Creator of Laravel

I make heavy use of Wunderlist and Trello to keep track of things. I also try to get a good night's sleep. However, I think one of the biggest factors is that programming is my main "hobby". I don't really play many video games or watch TV, etc. so I end up programming a lot in my "free" time simply because I enjoy it.

I also think the Pomodoro technique can be really helpful as just a daily productivity tool.


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What's a feature from another language that you'd like to have in PHP? How could that feature make Laravel more awesome?

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Creator of Laravel

I would love to have short Closures that work similarly to the new => syntax in JavaScript.

Something like this following:

array_map(foo => foo + 1, foos);

It would just clean up some noise in the code. I think certain aspects of testing could be cleaned up by the inclusion of a monkey patching extension like "uopz" in the core of the language. However, lately PHP is more focused on "safety" with static types and so on so I don't think such an extension would be viewed favorably in the current PHP environment. :)

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Hi Taylor, thank you for your time.

I have a couple of questions here, hope that you can answer it.

  • What do you use to develop Laravel? Are you still using Sublime Text? If so, can you share your plugins/template/configuration?

  • What is the next awesome feature that you're going to implement in Laravel?

  • What do you think of AdonisJS http://adonisjs.com/ (NodeJS Framework inspired by Laravel)?

  • With what you gain from Envoyer and Forge did you work full time on Laravel?

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Creator of Laravel

  • I use Sublime Text to do all of my PHP development. The only plug-in I use is SublimeLinter for PHP syntax errors.
  • For Laravel, I'm always just trying to think of ways to get rid of boilerplate code and make things easier. Many of those ideas have been built into Spark since they wouldn't really be acceptable in a generic full-stack framework. Spark allows me to be more opinionated than I could be in the Laravel framework itself.
  • I think Adonis looks cool!
  • Yes, I work full-time on Laravel and am fully supported by revenue from Forge and Envoyer.
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How do you manage your family and your popular products? How may hours do you work a day? What lifecycle/software tools do you follow on your products?

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Creator of Laravel

During weekdays, I almost never work past 5pm, and I only get back on my laptop to answer support requests at about 9:30pm once the kids are in bed and typically clearing out the support requests that have come in between 5pm - 9:30pm only takes about 10 minutes.

On weekends, I still spend about 30 minutes in the mornings clearing out support requests for Forge and Envoyer. I can sometimes sneak in extra time on the weekends if the kids are napping or we have some downtime.

I work 8am - 5pm so just a typical 8 hour work day.