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what are your main "current" inspirations to create new features for Laravel? Rails, Django, Symfony, Zend, Micro-frameworks, express.js... other?

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Can you tell what are the last thing that you are looking for Laravel that come/came from Rails?

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What do you think about AdonisJS? https://adonisjs.com/ Inspired from Laravel. Built on top of NodeJS.

It looks good; however, I haven't used it yet.

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People say Laravel shouldn't be used for enterprise/large apps, instead they suggest frameworks like .net and spring/ee. What do you think about this? How would you approach making an enterprise/large laravel app? Thanks for Laravel!

A proficient developer can build large applications using Laravel. I don't think there is anything in Laravel that is holding you back from building these types of applications. In fact, features such as the container, queue, broadcasting are great for enterprise applications.

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If you could easily add or change 3 features of Laravel with the wave of a magic wand. What would they be ?

Hmm, the only thing I can think of is that I wish Closures were more easily serializable in PHP. Most Laravel features I am pretty happy with overall.

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Hi Taylor!

How do you see Laravel in 5 years?

I hope we can continue to simplify developer's lives and make coding even more enjoyable!

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