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I am Una Kravets. Ask me anything.

Una Kravets is a speaker, technical writer, and UI Engineer on the Front-end Infrastructure team at DigitalOcean. She’s written for various online publications such as A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, and Sitepoint. Una also co-hosts the Toolsday podcast and started both the DC and Austin Sass Meetups. She's a performance nerd, loves the open source community and listens to way too many audio books.

Ask Una Kravets about:

  • CSS/Sass
  • Front-end Web Development
  • Web Performance
  • Public Speaking
  • Open Source Projects

Hi y'all!

Thanks for participating! I really enjoyed answering your questions 😄 (what a variety!)

Please feel free to email me at or tweet at me @una with any followup questions/comments you might have! Hopefully I might get to meet some of you at an event some day too!

💕🦄 Una

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  • What are your thoughts on CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation?
  • Do you think they are good for web developers?
  • Would you personally recommend developers to use them?

Hi Michael!

  • I say, avoid existing frameworks if you're working for a company. You should be building your own framework that fit your needs without the cruft of pre-existing solutions. This way, you can tailor your solution to your needs and use your own pattern library.

  • I think CSS frameworks are good for prototyping -- this means, initial product iterations or 36-hour hackathons. Please, please invest in some design and UI development to then build a custom solution when there is a product at hand.

  • I think the answer, as usual is: it depends. Are you building a prototype for a hackathon, or are you building a product? Hackathon: yes, product: no.

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  • What does your day-to-day life look like as an engineer?
  • What's the best thing about working at DigitalOcean?

I work remotely, and am constantly traveling so my outside-of-work time varies greatly. At my job, it depends on the sprint cycle and task at hand. We recently rebuilt/relaunched the new company website and Hacktoberfest. Currently, I'm working on more internal front-end architecture. Some days its bugfixes and accessibility audits. So it really does vary :)

I love the people at DigitalOcean and how much they really care about what they do. The company drew me in because of its involvement in the developer community (I first heard of them at student hackathons and wanted to be a part of something that gave back so much to my community). And that kind of love is still very much a part of everything we do at DO. The company really trusts in its employees too, so theres a lot more autonomy in terms of bringing an idea to life than there were at larger places I've worked.

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Hi Una

Thanks for doing this AMA! What, according to you, are some of the best and worst trends in CSS currently?

Hi Justine!

I really love the push for CSS grid in concert with flexbox. That spec seems very promising and will solve a lot of layout issues on the web. In general, there's also been an increasing awareness of CSS performance in terms of building pattern libraries and delivering streamlined code to engineers and team members. That's a great trend I'm seeing!

I think some of the "worst" trends are a little tangential to me from CSS -- everyone is using the same typefaces on every website! (Hello "Open Sans"). And also not considering accessibility when adding style (like color contrast and adding descriptions to elements that have images included as backgrounds)

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How did you start your career? Do you always wanted to be a web developer?

Haha I wanted to be a fashion designer 😜. In high school I discovered the Wacom tablet and Adobe Flash, fell in love with Actionscript, and didn't realize that I had secretly been coding all my life (Neopets, Myspace, etc.). It seemed that front-end development was a natural fit. More on that here

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Hi Una, I love your website. How do you append /#💁, at the end of all your URLs?

Hi Maria!

It's actually a super-quick url trick:

  function addEmoji() {
    if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Mac OS X') != -1) {
      window.location.hash = "💁";

All I'm doing is adding the emoji after a hash. I'm checking for Mac users because the emoji was causing some non-Mac users URLs to break and not be able to access my site. I'm also adding it as a hash because if it were part of the URL "proper," going to any link without the emoji would 404. But adding an emoji hash is harmless otherwise on Mac

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