What's your development setup?

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Still running my old OC i5 Ivy Bridge on a P65 chipset. I wanted to buy Skylake, but investing 2k€ for no real gain was a downer. For graphics I use a NVIDIA GTX 970. It is strong enough for all current games I play and supports the latest OpenGL and Vulkan. For storage, I use a Samsung 850 Pro 512GB on my Linux and one more Samsung 850 Pro 512GB + 2x Toshiba 1TB HDDs for Windows (gaming only). I like to install my games on the SSD, then move them to the HDDs for storage, until I play them (and move them back to the SSD). As for monitors, I use 1 Apple Cinematic (23") and one 27" LG and one 25" BenQ monitor at home. For my mouse, I use a Logitech G9x for every-day stuff and a Razer Naga 2012 for gaming. As for my keyboard, I love the US International Layout. It really helps me develop faster!

You might think I do not have a lot of storage. Well, I also have a ESXi server with OmniOS+Napp-It as 2TB ZFS RAID10 NAS and a Debian Linux with a custom software (based on Node.JS) which syncs files across all my devices and manages my self-built Smart-Home hardware. Really cool stuff :)


     -odNMMMMMMMMNNmhy+-`             marco@asuka
   -yNMMMMMMMMMMMNNNmmdhy+-           OS: Gentoo 2.2
 `omMMMMMMMMMMMMNmdmmmmddhhy/`        Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.7.2-gentoo
 omMMMMMMMMMMMNhhyyyohmdddhhhdo`      Uptime: 4m
.ydMMMMMMMMMMdhs++so/smdddhhhhdm+`    Packages: 1393
 oyhdmNMMMMMMMNdyooydmddddhhhhyhNd.   Shell: bash
  :oyhhdNNMMMMMMMNNNmmdddhhhhhyymMh   Resolution: 3600x1210
    .:+sydNMMMMMNNNmmmdddhhhhhhmMmy   DE: KDE5
       /mMMMMMMNNNmmmdddhhhhhmMNhs:   WM: KWin
    `oNMMMMMMMNNNmmmddddhhdmMNhs+`    WM Theme: Not Found
  `sNMMMMMMMMNNNmmmdddddmNMmhs/.      GTK2 Theme: Breeze-Dark
 /NMMMMMMMMNNNNmmmdddmNMNdso:`        GTK3 Theme: Breeze-Dark
+MMMMMMMNNNNNmmmmdmNMNdso/-           Icon Theme: breeze
MNNNNNNNmmmmmNNMmhs+/-`               Font: Noto Sans Regular
/hMMNNNNNNNNMNdhs++/-`                CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz
`/ohdmmddhys+++/:.`                   RAM: 2099MB / 16006MB

Development happens on KDE Plasma / Gentoo Linux. I hate Win10. My "Killer Apps" would be Kate, WebStorm, CLion and Chrome Dev-Tools. At the moment, I still use Konsole and Yakuake, but I really want to switch to Black Screen. I like 7zip for archiving. Well. I think I am only missing my favorit DB: MariaDB, a drop-in replacement for MySQL server.

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Nice :), How did you get this good in software development?

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@Covenant wow, that's qite a wild question as a reply to my setup :) I have practiced nearly every day for the past eight years. I have a B.Eng. Engineering Informatics. And I have worked on a view rather big projects as project leader with teams of 5-10 people. I wouldn't say that I am "good". It's just that I do not answer questions I do not know, so you don't really see what I don't know and at what things I am bad ;)

Just as an example: You invited me to answer your .NET stack question. I do not use .NET for web development, so I do not know how to answer your question. That's why I did not answer it.