Your favorite developer companies you want to work at next? And why?

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I'm not a developer, but as a growth manager I very much enjoy working for developer companies for the simple reason that you're almost always surrounded by kind, creative and smart people.

A bit over a month ago I actually joined Hashnode (I'll write more about that and introduce myself soon)!

I have 10 years of experience, and over time as I was moving into positions that would allow me to grow, I learned to look for companies that had similar values to mine. Of course, you need to care about the company's product/service, but I found that the values of the people in the company are ultimately crucial in determining your success in that team, and that the product/service is always very much aligned with and stems out of company culture.

Here are my values that I've been expanding and tweaking over time:

  • share knowledge and create value
  • be curious and keep learning
  • collaborate and help others grow
  • always be kind and respect others (even if you disagree with them)
  • be direct and appreciate straightforward feedback
  • pursue quality in everything you do
  • experiment and make autonomous decisions

Once I put my values on paper, it became much easier to both find and evaluate companies I wanted to work for.

I decided that Hashnode is a great new place where I can grow because:

  • we're working on building a community to help developers learn, share knowledge, and grow,
  • we're learning new ways to achieve this every day,
  • a collaborative spirit and kindness is the essence in the way we work,
  • there is a focus on transparency - you feel like you're allowed and should share everything very directly with both the founders and the colleagues,
  • moving quickly means that you need to prioritize and only invest time in your best work
  • self-direction, autonomy and experimentation are crucial in a small team where every member's contribution matters a lot.

I'm still learning a lot about the Hashnode community and how our team works, but so far I find that Hashnode is a great place to work, contribute to the community and grow as a professional.