Josh Montgomery

web developer


Boston, MA, USA


February 26, 2016


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More about me

My name is Josh, and I'm the cofounder of ExchangeTree.Org, an online barter and exchange web site where people can obtain goods and services without the need for money. I consider myself a full stack developer, primarily using all things MS. When I'm not working on XT, I work full time for a small software company as their lead developer. I'm currently looking into python, for no other reason than it looks like something I may enjoy.

When not immersed in the netherworlds of coding, I'm into sports (I'm from Boston, MA, USA where we've been blessed having really good teams that last 15 years. I also love music, outdoors-y stuff, traveling, and my 2 crazy dogs.

I stumbled across HN earlier this year, entirely by chance. Since then, it's been a part of my morning ritual of stalling as much as possible before I start work for the day :)

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