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Anthony Zappin is a prominent abstract painter.

Huntington, West Virginia
Member Since Jan, 2023

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Anthony Zappin

Anthony Zappin

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About Me

Anthony Zappin was born in Huntington, West Virginia, on August 25, 1985. He was active in the visual arts program at Huntington High School. The Visual Arts Center at Marshall University welcomed him after he graduated high school. In 2007, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from this university. Consequently, he began to pursue a career as an artist. After graduating from Marshall University, he was hired by a few galleries in West Virginia. Paintings he creates are very attractive and intriguing to look at.

Anthony Zappin wanted to become an artist, but he wasn't sure where to begin. As a result, he began painting in the hope that his work would be noticed. He never looked back once he discovered the form he loved. He sold them in local galleries as well as creating them himself. A gallery owner in New York noticed his work and promoted him.

It was easier for Zappin to sell his work in New York because of the increased exposure he gained. In addition, he became friends with a few famous abstract painters. Many galleries in the US and Europe have exhibited this artist's work recently.

Anthony Zappin's paintings cover a wide range of subjects. Complex issues are forced into people's minds when he brings them up. Nature can be seen in a new light through his paintings. It is not uncommon for him to paint cityscapes with colorful and intriguing details. Human-nature relationships and psychological studies are heavily influenced by Zappin's work. He emphasizes psychological themes with bold colors and shapes. His subjects are mostly natural, but he also explores pop culture.

Despite their vibrant colors, Zappin's paintings are visually appealing. In terms of color and shape, he creates artwork that is vibrant and bright. His paintings are both realistic and abstract. A minimalist style is also evident in Zappin's paintings. There are only a few small shapes in the middle of most canvases. Furthermore, Zappin's paintings are very bright and high-key. Despite being high-key, his paintings are very soft. He creates paintings that seem to float like they are floating in the air.

It is also important to note that Zappin's abstract paintings are very unique in addition to being visually appealing. His works are characterized by bright colors and bold shapes. Acrylic paint gives his paintings a glossy finish in addition to having a glossy finish. He uses blue, yellow, red, and orange as his primary colors. Zappin's paintings are often dominated by nature. Forests, rivers, and beaches are depicted in his paintings, as are animals in their natural habitat. He is also based in West Virginia and paints human landscapes and cityscapes.

Anthony Zappin paints abstracts prolifically and creatively. With bold colors, his paintings are colorful and appealing. Even though this painter has incredible talent and creativity, he is always creating new artworks and ideas.

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Anthony Zappin is an abstract painter.

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