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DrGos DEV Blog

DrGos DEV Blog

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About Me

👋 Hi there! I'm a seasoned developer with over a decade of hands-on experience, primarily in Java. My journey in the tech world has been fueled by a keen interest in exploring diverse programming languages and frameworks. While Java remains my stronghold, I've also ventured into the realms of JavaScript and Golang, finding each to offer unique perspectives and challenges.

🚀 As a developer, I thrive in the backend, where I love to delve deep into the intricacies of server-side programming. However, my curiosity doesn't stop there! I have a passion for experimenting with various frontend frameworks. Svelte, Angular, and Vue have been my playgrounds of choice, allowing me to craft engaging and dynamic user experiences. It's worth noting, though, that React and I have never crossed paths — and that's a conscious choice. I believe in focusing on the tools and technologies that resonate with my style and goals, and React just doesn't fit into that picture.

🏗️ Currently, I'm embracing the role of an architect at a small-to-medium-sized company. Here, my focus is on enhancing our delivery speed and efficiency. I'm constantly seeking ways to optimize our processes, ensuring that we stay agile and responsive in our project execution.

💡 Beyond the code, I'm an avid learner and a collaborator at heart. I enjoy sharing insights, engaging in tech discussions, and contributing to a vibrant, knowledge-rich community.

🌱 Looking forward, I'm excited to continue my exploration of the tech landscape, always seeking new challenges and opportunities to grow. Let's connect and share our journeys in this ever-evolving world of technology!

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