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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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World traveller and programmer

My name is Emil I've been a web developer for almost 20 years now since 1999. Back then it was all Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Photoshop edited buttons (I loved the hover thing at that time) and ASP3.

Years have gone and today I'm working with PHP, Laravel, VueJS, Stylus, Debian.. what-so-ever that is needed for a full blown website.

I did it the first many years without any profit in mind, which allowed me always to play around with the fun features and trying to build my own frameworks. Eventually we all need to support life, but I think it's still important to save time for new discoveries and play time. Otherwise I would feel I did my work 'the old fashioned way'.

I do make both my frontend and backend and all server configurations myself, but my core expertise is at the backend level.

As for travel I have been all over Europe, East Asia and Central America. I'm originally from Denmark, but have also lived in Spain, Thailand and Cambodia. Understanding the world is like understand your code. Denmark can sometimes be too cold and dark for my creativity to spark :-)

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