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Senior Software Engineer @ HSBC | Cloud Wizard

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Learn with HJ

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About Me

Hey there! 👋 I'm Hardeep Jethwani (HJ), your resident cloud aficionado and code maestro, proudly navigating the ever-changing seas of AWS Cloud and Full Stack Development for ~5 glorious years and counting. ☁️💻

Currently, I'm orchestrating the tech symphony as part of Team HSBC Bank, where I'm on a mission to enhance the banking experience through the magic of technology. 🚀💼

In my past life at Capgemini, I led exciting adventures like migrating critical applications to the cloud (18 and counting!). I had databases waltzing into the AWS Cloud, sprinkling a bit of containerization magic along the way. AWS managed services like RDS, Lambda, ECS, and friends? They were my trusty sidekicks. 🎩🔧

When not automating deployments with CI/CD finesse (think AWS CodePipeline, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy), you might find me designing infrastructure like a digital architect using AWS CloudFormation. Security is my jam – I've got WAF, Security Groups, MFA, Cognito, and even a secret club in private subnets to keep things safe. 🔒💂‍♂️

On top of all that, I'm on a mission to reduce carbon footprints because, why not? HSBC's commitment to sustainability is my heart and soul. We're going for NET ZERO carbon footprint, and I'm leading the charge, one container at a time! 🌍🌱

And yes, the fun doesn't stop at work. In my past life at Tata Consultancy Services, I co-created a multi-tier Point of Sale application with a global footprint, touching the lives of billions. My automation tools were so efficient that even Father Time was left scratching his head. ⏳💡

If you're in need of a cloud-savvy comedian or a code deployment magician, look no further. Let's chat about tech, swap automation tales, or share some coding humor over a virtual coffee. Oh, and don't worry; I promise not to write code in my sleep (well, most of the time). Cheers to cloud adventures! ☕🚀

My Tech Stack

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Need a tech comedian or coding guru? Let’s share laughs and tech tips over virtual coffee. Here’s to cloud fun! ☕🚀

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