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I am a curious developer with a knack for competitive coding.

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New delhi, India
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About Me

👋 Hello there! Welcome to my coding blog page! I'm thrilled to have you here. Allow me to introduce myself and share a bit about my coding journey.

👨‍💻 I'm Shreshtha, a passionate Flutter developer with a love for exploring various programming languages and diving deep into the world of coding. With a strong foundation in Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, and expertise in Flutter development, I enjoy creating innovative and user-friendly mobile applications that deliver exceptional user experiences.

🔍 In addition to mobile app development, I have a keen interest in data analysis and machine learning. I love to leverage my programming skills to extract insights from vast datasets, uncover patterns, and make data-driven decisions. Whether it's cleaning data, visualizing information, or building predictive models, I thrive on the challenges of data analysis and machine learning.

💻 On this blog, you'll find a diverse range of content covering my coding adventures, from tutorials and tips to best practices and deep dives into various programming concepts. I aim to provide clear and concise explanations, accompanied by practical examples, to help fellow developers enhance their coding skills and build amazing applications.

🏆 Additionally, I have a strong inclination towards competitive coding. I actively participate in coding competitions, honing my problem-solving abilities and learning new algorithms and data structures along the way. I'm always excited to share my experiences, insights, and strategies to help others excel in competitive coding and enjoy the thrill of coding contests.

📚 I believe in the power of learning and sharing knowledge within the coding community. So, expect a steady stream of informative and engaging content on this blog, with the goal of empowering developers of all skill levels to push their boundaries and achieve their coding aspirations.

🤝 Let's embark on this coding journey together! Feel free to explore the articles, tutorials, and resources I provide. Don't hesitate to reach out, leave comments, and engage in discussions. I'm here to learn from you as well!

Happy coding! 🚀

My Tech Stack

FlutterMachine LearningPythonJavaC++Competitive programmingJavaScript

I am available for

Collaborating on a project, participating in a hackathon, competing in contests, ping me up for any of these.


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Crazy Blogger

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Self Starter

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