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Purpose-built Headless CMS for running blogs.Purpose-built Headless CMS

Headless CMS for blogs.
Your blog, minus the bloat.

Hashnode's publishing power, your custom design. Integrate your blog seamlessly on any custom domain including sub-paths like/blog for complete branding control.

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“After transitioning our blog from various platforms to Headless Hashnode, we've seen remarkable improvements. Hashnode's post editor outshines others like dev.to and Medium in ease and functionality. The seamless integration with our CMS allows us to maintain our blog under the same domain as our main website, designed with Webflow, ensuring link structure continuity, especially in our '/blog' subdirectory.

A key feature for us is GitHub compatibility, which empowers our open-source community to contribute to our blog through pull requests. Plus, every post we publish instantly taps into the vast Hashnode community.

A special shoutout to the Hashnode team for their exceptional support and swift responsiveness. They've been instrumental in our seamless transition and ongoing success.“

Costa Tin

Costa Tin

Marketing Lead, MindsDB

“Headless Hashnode presents an innovative approach to blog management. The well-documented GraphQL APIs make it straightforward to build and deploy a blog, and using Hashnode as our blog CMS offers an authoring experience that's a pleasure to use without sacrificing customizability. It's a win-win for both developers and content creators.“

Doris H.

Doris H.

Developer Advocate, Fix

“Hashnode's Headless APIs are amazing. I needed a way to easily write content, I wasn't interested in building an entire blogging platform or settling for a cookie cutter solution. They handle all of the technical details on the backend, making it simple for me to customize the frontend to match my brand. And their GraphQL Playground was really helpful and intuitive, making the entire process a breeze!”

Brandon Strittmatter

Brandon Strittmatter

Co-founder, Outerbase

Hashnode is a top choice for developer blogging.
You'll love it.


Build with GraphQL APIs

Combine the power of Hashnode with your custom-built blog.
API docs

API Playground
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Advanced APIs made easy to use

Leverage Hashnode's advanced GraphQL APIs to construct your blog's homepage, articles, comments, search functionality, and more.

Choose your tech stack

Build your blog with your favorite tech stack, whether it's React, Vue, Angular, or Svelte. Your vision, your rules.

Deploy anywhere

Take control and deploy your custom-built blog on any hosting service, domain, or even using sub-paths like /blog.

Enjoy unlimited API usage

Experience unrestricted API calls, ensuring seamless functionality regardless of traffic volume.


Next.js Starter Kit

Jump into the blogging world with a pre-optimized foundation
Get started

Fork and begin

Begin with a fork of Hashnode's open-source blog starter kit, powered by Next.js and TailwindCSS.

Seamless API Integration

Enjoy ready-to-use blog functionalities, pre-integrated with Hashnode's GraphQL APIs.

Customize using TailwindCSS

Personalize your frontend with the flexibility of TailwindCSS, adapting and styling it to resonate with your brand and aesthetics.

Deploy your blog on any cloud platform

Deploy your blog on any cloud platform - we've prepared everything for you.


Pick your perfect plan.


For individual developers.

Headless mode for solo bloggers

WYSIWYG markdown editor

GitHub backup

Image CDN and optimization

Unlimited API usage

Powerful blog dashboard with tools such as analytics, widgets, newsletters and more.

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Enterprise plan

For teams who want headless mode, real-time collaboration, AI, and enterprise reliability.

Everything in free plan, plus:

Headless mode for team blogs

Premium support over email and Slack

99.9% uptime guarantee

Custom SLA

Real-time collaborative editing

AI-assisted writing

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Why go headless with Hashnode?

Use any custom domain or sub-path for your blog

Hashnode gives you the freedom to host your blog exactly where you want. Use your own domain, a subdomain, or add it to your site as a sub-path like /blog. Perfect for businesses that want a custom blog address.

Set up your Hashnode blog anywhere.
Set up your Hashnode blog anywhere.
Set up your Hashnode blog anywhere.
Set up your Hashnode blog anywhere.

Markdown-powered editor.

Hashnode's editor simplifies your writing process, letting you easily embed images, format your code, add headers, and include other essential elements.

Markdown-powered editor.
Markdown-powered editor.

Improve your writing with Hashnode AI.

Write more clearly with Hashnode AI. Get AI-powered help with grammar and word choice.

Improve your writing with Hashnode AI.
Improve your writing with Hashnode AI.

Work together on drafts and see previews.

Collaborate on articles directly in the Hashnode editor, where admins and editors can leave real-time comments, modify drafts, and preview before publishing.

Work together on drafts and see previews.
Work together on drafts and see previews.
Work together on drafts and see previews.
Work together on drafts and see previews.
Work together on drafts and see previews.

Enjoy hassle-free image CDN and optimized delivery.

Blogging with Hashnode ensures effortless image management through automatic resizing and rapid delivery via Hashnode's CDN, allowing you to concentrate on writing.

Enjoy hassle-free image CDN and optimized delivery.
Enjoy hassle-free image CDN and optimized delivery.
Enjoy hassle-free image CDN and optimized delivery.
Enjoy hassle-free image CDN and optimized delivery.

Built-in newsletter functionality.

Grow your audience easily with Hashnode's built-in newsletter. Convert readers to subscribers with simple forms and manage them right from your dashboard.

Built-in newsletter functionality.
Built-in newsletter functionality.
Built-in newsletter functionality.
Built-in newsletter functionality.

Dynamic webhooks for real-time actions.

Hashnode's webhooks make blogging easy. Get instant updates, connect with your favorite tools, back up your work, and share on social media.

Dynamic webhooks for real-time actions.

Customise the starter kit or build your own blog UI

Not happy with how the website looks? You can change the Next.js code. Adjust TailwindCSS, edit the design files, or delete things you don't want. Need a special feature? Go ahead and add it!

Publish and back up directly with GitHub.

Hashnode integrates with GitHub so you can save and publish articles from your repositories. When you publish a new article in Hashnode's editor, the markdown version is automatically saved to a private GitHub repository.

Free distribution on Hashnode.

When you post on your blog, Hashnode promotes your article to the right people within its network. This boosts your readership and gets you early feedback from interested readers.

Built-in SEO features.

The Hashnode Starter Kit is built for good SEO. It uses the right HTML code and tags to help search engines find and understand your content.

Rich CMS experience.

Hashnode's dashboard makes managing your blog a breeze. Edit, delete, and schedule posts from one place. Invite team members to collaborate easily. Plus, add pages, group articles into series, and much more!

Effortless web embed support.

On Hashnode, you can easily add videos from YouTube, tweets, LinkedIn posts, Reddit threads, Twitch clips, and more right into your articles. Hashnode does all the work for you, making your content more engaging.

Batteries included.

With Hashnode, you get everything you need to run a successful blog, right out of the box:

Auto-generated Sitemaps and RSS feeds.
Edge-cached APIs.
Manage team members.
Table of contents.
Built-in analytics.
Options to craft custom widgets and integrations.
Hassle-free Markdown import and export.
No cap on newsletter subscribers.
Easy-to-set custom redirections.

Case studies

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