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10 Interesting Developer Articles to Read This Week

10 Interesting Developer Articles to Read This Week

Fazle Rahman's photo
Fazle Rahman
·Jun 26, 2019

Flutter for Desktop: Create and Run a Desktop Application

by Ayush Shekhar
Learn how to build a desktop app using Flutter in this easy to follow tutorial.

After 4 years with nginx, we switched to Caddy - Here is why

Sandeep Panda
Read how Caddy helped us control and renew SSL certs of all the Devblogs powered by Hashnode easily.

Introduction to Chrome Lighthouse

by Bolaji Ayodeji
Brush up your Chrome Lighthouse knowledge with this article. This article includes how to get started and how to best use Lighthouse chrome extention.

Create Extensions for VS Code - Part 1

by Thamaraiselvam
Thinking of building an extension for VSCode? Well, it's not that difficult. Check out this article.

Building Micro-frontends with React, Vue, and Single-spa

by Nader Dabit
Understand Micro-frontend and what the hype is all about from this article. Nader teaches you how to build one quickly in a few minutes.

React V3, What's new?

by samyek sonawane
The React team recently unveiled version 3 of create-react-app and it brings some exciting new features incrementing on what was added on the previous releases.

Design Patterns: Strategy Pattern in Dart

by @mtechviral
Design patterns can speed up the development process by providing tested, proven development paradigms. In this article, you'll learn about Strategy Pattern from the 23 original patterns in the Gang of Four Catalog.

Proven Code Review Best Practices

by Michaela Greiler
What are the code review best practices companies such as Microsoft follow to ensure great code review feedback? How do you stay productive while doing code reviews? Learn proven code review best practices from Microsoft in this article.

Why you should document your code.

by wachira_dev
Understand the impact of not properly documenting a codebase. Read some of the best practices for code documentation.

Animate your React App with Pose

by Seth Corker
Why is animation so difficult in React? How do I animate a component in on mount? Do I use CSS or JS to animate my components? All of these questions answered in this article.

Thank you all for sharing such wonderful stories with the Hashnode developer community. I am super excited to see the quality of the articles going up on the network every week.

If you haven't written your first article on Hashnode yet, get started today. Unlock a super powerful yet easy to use Devblog for yourself and start writing. Yes, the CNAME pointing to your custom domain is free forever for independent developers. Feel free to DM me on Hashnode if you have any questions.

❤️ Have a great week ahead.