3 things to level-up your motivation

If you are currently struggling with motivation this article might give you a boost.

Motivation is key for getting anything done. Why are some people more motivated than others? Why do some seem to have this urge to do more and additionally get more done? Just a few thoughts out of my life since I keep getting asked how I do it. I'm a vigorous reader and my reading list contains many books on how to stay inspired and manage yourself. So here's something I could take away.

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“You are what you do repeatedly. If excellence is something you’re striving for, then it’s not an accident. It’s a habit.” – Greg Plitt

Stay consistent

Nothing is as important as staying consistent. Whether it's writing code, practicing examples for your studies or writing articles.

The simple act of just doing it consistently, repeatedly, gets your mind into the state where it looks for more experiences. Humans get bored very easily. The brains searches for new stimulants all the time, but especially when the current situation doesn't provide any new stimuli.

The paradox here is: The more you get into something, they easier you get bored, but also the you're looking for more new things in that certain topic.

So make sure to harness that ability and attack new things immediately. New things provide new motivation.

A great article from Thomas Oppong describes the importance of persistency in detail ➡️.

⭐ Whatever it it you want to accomplish - do it as often as possible to become great.

Your motivation compounds with the amount of work you put in

Don't let the noise of disbelievers distract you

Not everyone shares your believes. Not everyone likes your way of thinking. And that's ok.

It's important to treat it properly. Set yourself up for the best of you can be. Outside factors are temporary - your mindset is for eternity.

It happens to me at university and business all the time. Many assure you that "things are not meant to be", "it's impossible" or "things won't work out that way". It took me a while to understand that most people talk a lot. Without knowledge. They just deliver unqualified opinions. Not more, not less. Developing a mindset to simply acknowledge these messages as not significant helps a lot when pursuing your vision.

The hard part is to have your mind open enough for letting innovation take place, but closed enough to ignore bullshit.

⭐ Stay true to yourself and filter external input.

Create your environment accordingly

Your environment influences your behavior and way of thinking. So make sure to create one that supports your goals. Select friends accordingly. Stay with people that are doing what you like to accomplish in the future as well.

Always challenge yourself. When you're the smartest person in a room, you're in the wrong room.

But not only People. Change literally everything in your surroundings to support your goal. Your house/apartment/room, your desktop/mobile wallpapers, your working place. Get to places that inspire your creativity - cafes, libraries, rooftop bars. What ever gets you going. Be sure to be there and let creativity ignite your greatness.

⭐ Control your environment and don't let your environment control you.


To conclude, a few things to stay motivated:

  1. Be consistent
  2. Stay true to yourself
  3. Create an environment that supports you


If you took something away from this article let me know with a comment or heart. Make sure to follow for more :)

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