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5 Best Free Blogging Sites to Build Your Blog for Free in 2022

5 Best Free Blogging Sites to Build Your Blog for Free in 2022

Andrei Tiburca's photo
Andrei Tiburca
·Dec 30, 2021·

22 min read

Did you know that, according to Semrush, there are more than 500 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites?

Blogs are the fastest and easiest way to build an audience but setting up a blog from scratch can be a big headache.

It requires technical skills and takes time you can better spend doing something else.

That's why you should consider using free blogging sites to overcome these challenges.

Free blogging sites let you build your name as an industry expert, stay on top of the latest trends, share your knowledge with your followers, help you grow an engaged audience, and increase brand awareness in the long run.

Choosing the best platform to build your blog is important.

We've analyzed the best free blogging sites currently on the web and created a comprehensive list of the best solutions you can choose.

But first, let's go through some basic information about blogging.

What are free blogging sites?

Free blogging sites are essential for any blogger or content creator.

These platforms allow you to create, edit, and manage blogs to grow your audience and network.

They help you share your knowledge through engaging content that provides value to your readers.

You can use them for personal or business purposes or as a source of additional income.

The free blog sites contain blogging features such as:

  • Custom domain name
  • Free hosting
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Content management tools
  • SEO tools
  • Marketing tools
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Google Adsense integration
  • Social media integration
  • Free and premium themes and plugins
  • Drag and drop editor

These platforms make it easy to share your thoughts, stories, photos, and videos with other readers. It is a fast and intuitive way to build your blog without coding skills.

You just need to log into your account to start publishing content within minutes.

Blogging sites statistics

blogging statistics

Blogging has been around for a long time, and it's here to stay. Users love to read about what others are up to.

They want to feel connected to like-minded people, and blogs provide them with ample opportunities for doing so.

The blogging industry statistics show us that:

  • There are more than 600 million blogs on the internet. (Blogging Wizard)
  • Over 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages each month. (Semrush)
  • Over 2 million blog posts are published daily. (Oberlo)
  • 38% of bloggers publish content once a week. (Findstack)
  • 77% of internet users read blogs. (Oberlo)
  • 46% of people take recommendations from bloggers into account. (Semrush)
  • 31.7 million is the projected number of bloggers in the US. (First Site Guide)

Blogging is still relevant in 2022, and there's no sign that it will subside soon. Now is the right time to start blogging.

If you're looking to make a significant impact with your content creation strategy, we recommend blogging as a tool that helps boost your performance.

Free blog sites vs websites: what is the difference?

A blog is essentially a website you need to update regularly with new content. The blog displays posts in reverse order, which means the most recent posts show at the top of the page.

Each time you publish a new post, you move the older posts down the page, promoting a steady flow of new content and enticing readers to explore old articles they might have missed.

The purpose of blogs is to inform and engage your readers, whether they're reading your stories or chatting in your comment section.

On the other hand, a small business website, also known as an informational website, allows you to share information and facts about products and services you offer. These sites provide details about your company or organization but don't increase interaction with your readers.

A blog can be many things. A blog is an integral part of building any website these days and can stand on its own. But don't treat your website like a blog because it has a different purpose. It drives action and leads to sales.

10 reasons to use a free blogging platform

Blogging is a great way to meet people, learn about topics you're passionate about, explore a new area of interest, and even make some money.


You can even turn it into a full-time business with enough effort. Start blogging on a free blog platform to:

  • Create your personal space and say everything you want to
  • Showcase your professional skills and position yourself as an expert
  • Gain exposure and build authority
  • Gain new opportunities for your personal or business development
  • Create an active community of like-minded people
  • Strengthen relationships with other professionals in your industry
  • Get new job offers
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Stay ahead of your competition
  • Use your blog as a source of additional income

Free blogging platforms offer unlimited storage space. It will allow you to grow as your blog becomes popular over time without having to worry about running out of space or data usage limits.

Most of these blogging sites are free and have no subscriptions or fees. You can use them as long as you want without any limitations.

7 tips for choosing a free blogging platform

Choosing a blogging platform can be difficult. There are so many options to choose from, and each one comes with its set of benefits and drawbacks. Finding the right platform for your blog is essential if you want it to grow in popularity over time.

Here are some tips for choosing your blogging site:

  • Research the different platforms
  • Look at the features of each platform
  • Check if it has tools for growing your audience
  • Check maintenance requirements
  • Check branding and design options
  • Check cost and revenue options
  • Try out the platform for a few days to see if it’s right for you

The blogging platform you choose to build your content marketing strategy will define your future success, so take your time choosing the right blog site.

The list of best free blogging sites in 2022

There are many free blogging platforms on the web, so setting up a blog doesn't have to be expensive. From fully-featured blogging sites like Squarespace and WordPress to more simple blogging websites like Medium, Wix, and Weebly, you can easily find a free blog site that fits your needs. Here is the list of the best free blogging platforms you can use to build your blog.

1. Hashnode

hashnode blogging platform

Hashnode is a high-performance, secure, and fully optimized blogging platform developers love.

With Hashnode, you can establish your online presence and publish, share or discover development-related content.

It helps you share your thoughts and ideas with other professionals in the industry.

Also, you can write about anything you like, from tutorials and tips to personal stories, and get paid for it— all on a custom domain.

The best part about Hashnode?

There are no ads and paywall, and you have complete ownership of your content with a forever free plan.

Hashnode features

Hashnode has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools that allow you to publish and share your content without requiring any prior blogging experience.

Here is the list of Hashnode features:

  • Automatic GitHub backup
  • Write in Markdown
  • Superfast Next.js powered blogs
  • Blog on a custom domain name
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Content drafts
  • Content organization
  • Export and download all your posts
  • Retain ownership to your content
  • Edge caching with SSL
  • Custom design
  • Free built-in newsletter service
  • Built-in analytics

Hashnode helps you create a personal blog you can customize any way you want. Check out Hashnode to discover tips, tricks, and tutorials to start a blog that will look unique and automatically publishes articles on the feed of hundreds of thousands of active users.

Hashnode rating and reviews

The Product Hunt rated Hashnode 4.9 out of 5 based on 21 user reviews.

What users like

“Migrating from WordPress to Hashnode was my best decision. I get all the features I need as a dev blogger, and then some! The community is their strongest suit! No other platform puts your articles in front of thousands of readers as Hashnode does. You can join their Discord channel where the bloggers are talking about blogging ideas, requesting platform features, hanging out, sharing useful stuff, and you get to be a part of that. Feature-wise, you get Custom Pages, Custom CSS, Analytics, Web Monetization, and if you invite 3 friends, you also get Custom Widgets, so you can plug your MailChimp or any other integrations you have. And, crazy enough, all of that is free!!! Just bring your own domain!” - Lazar Nikolov, Partner at CodeChem on Product Hunt.

What users don't like

Hashnode has received near-universal praise on Product Hunt. It's hard to believe that there are currently no negative reviews on the platform — but it's true!

Hashnode support

When you've got questions about Hashnode, it's easy to get answers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Just ask the community on Discord, send an email, or check out the knowledge base. You can even send a feature request.

Hashnode pros

  • It is the only blogging platform that gives you a personal domain for free
  • You can customize and personalize your blog thanks to the CSS feature
  • It exposes your writing to a large community of like-minded professionals
  • It lets you integrate Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, and more

Hashnode cons

  • Developers and tech enthusiasts are at the heart of this platform. Most blog posts, therefore, cover technical topics
  • Non-tech bloggers may find Markdown hard to use

2. Medium

Medium bloggining platform

Medium is a free blogging site that gives you the tools and resources you need to write, publish, share and promote your stories.

You can publish your work as stand-alone pieces, join publications, or curate stories tailored to specific niches and interests. It's a great place to practice your content creation skills and gain exposure to your ideas.

Medium helps you read, connect and learn from an ever-expanding community of great thinkers and doers. You can follow individual writers and publications and get notified every time they post something new.

Unlike other Medium alternatives, Medium makes money by charging users a voluntary subscription fee. You can choose to pay or not, but if you don’t, you'll be limited to reading only three articles per month with a free account.

Also, as a writer, you can monetize your writing if you join the Medium Partnership Program.

Medium features

Unlike any other news and information publishing tool, Medium is also a network for readers, writers, and publishers. This unique value proposition attracts different kinds of audiences. The topics range from light to deep, from full posts to teasers of existing content elsewhere. Here is the list of Medium features:

  • Custom domain
  • User-friendly editor
  • Change tracker
  • Single story or series option
  • Followers
  • Built-in newsletter
  • Built-in analytics
  • Basic SEO tools (story descriptions and story URL customization)
  • Twitter account linking
  • Direct responses
  • Article monetization
  • Android and iOS mobile apps

Medium is a free blogging site that combines the best of blogging and social media. Readers on Medium have a decidedly discerning taste, so if your content resonates with them, you can tap into a global audience and receive meaningful feedback for your writing.

Medium rating and reviews

The TrustRadius rated Medium 8.2 out of 10 based on 26 user reviews.

What users like

“We use Medium as our blog. We publish all our articles and also use it to keep ourselves up to date on what's going on in the world. We use it because it has some great writers who write some great articles and do it with some authority. We feel the people who use Medium are professional and authoritative.” - Kevin O'Grady, Founder of The World of Empowerment Organization on TrustRadius.

What users don't like

“I am still not 100% convinced that Medium is worth our content marketing efforts. On the one hand, it is visually appealing and easy to access. On the other hand, I cannot yet tie any particular marketing success back to our efforts on Medium.” - Jack Edward Heald, Marketing Consultant at Conversion Marketing Experts on TrustRadius.

Medium support

Medium has the highest customer service rating, scoring 9.4 out of 10. If you have any issues with Medium, the help center is your best bet. Also, you can send an email or submit a ticket to the support team. The Medium doesn't provide phone support.

Medium pros

  • It has a large audience with almost 100 million monthly readers
  • It covers a variety of topics, so it's suitable for anyone
  • It boosts your SERP ranking
  • It is well known for high domain authority and platform stability

Medium cons

  • The free account gives you limited features
  • To have unlimited access, you need to pay a subscription
  • It doesn't provide a self-hosted version
  • The platform owns your content
  • You have to follow content guidelines and rules
  • You cannot use the platform for affiliate marketing or advertising
  • There are no design customization options
  • There are no built-in tools for lead generation
  • Analytics feature gives you basic data

3. Blogger

blogger blogging platform

Blogger, owned by Google, is a free platform built for non-tech-savvy users. To start writing your blog, all you need is a Google account. Blogger makes it simple to blog about anything you want, with tools that help you quickly and easily add posts, photos, video, and audio. Also, you can use free themes and Blogger's drag and drop interface to build a professional blog that reflects your voice and personality.

Blogger features

Blogger offers a free web hosting service with useful tools to help you design and tweak your personal blogs. You can get a free subdomain or set up a custom domain with third-party tools. Here is the list of Blogger features:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Themes and layouts library
  • SEO friendly
  • Menus and submenus creation
  • Text editor
  • Email subscription
  • RSS feed
  • Contact form
  • HTML/ Javascript widget
  • Social sharing
  • Google Adsense integration
  • Multiple file types upload
  • Files import and export
  • Multiple languages

Blogger rating and reviews

The TrustRadius rated Blogger 6.3 out of 10 based on 104 user reviews.

What users like

“When we were just starting out, we used Blogger to build our blog and ultimately begin reaching the audience we wanted. It was easy to use and we could learn it quickly. It was a great way to enter the blogging world and to start to get a grasp on what we are looking for as a business. It is easy to distribute information and even makes things a bit personalized without entering the scarier world of coding.” - Kate Knight, Virtual Assistant on TrustRadius.

What users don't like

“When Blogger introduces new functionality, they should tell their users right away in a manner that doesn't force them to go looking for news. Highlight the features. - Karl Plesz, Professional blogger on TrustRadius.

Blogger support

If you need any help with Blogger, you can visit their knowledge base. The Blogger community forum is a great way to connect with others and get answers to common questions. Support is also available on Twitter.

Blogger pros

  • The setup process is fast and easy
  • The interface is user friendly
  • You get a free SSL certificate, web hosting, and unlimited storage
  • It's a good option for beginners in blogging
  • It is a highly secured and reliable blog site

Blogger cons

  • You need HTML skills to use theme customizer
  • Design themes have limited customization options and look very similar
  • Built-in gadgets have limited features
  • If Blogger stops working, you will lose your content
  • Advanced monetization options are not available
  • The platform wasn't updated in a long time

4. Wix


Wix is a free website builder that helps you create your own blog, small online store, landing page, or online portfolio without the need to hire a developer.

With a free Wix account, you will get a user-friendly interface with customizable templates and easy drag-and-drop functionality.

Free web hosting is included and helps you turn design concepts into working websites within minutes.

Wix features

Wix's free platform provides everything you need to create your own website. Wix website templates are responsive and look great on all devices. If you want to customize your site's look and feel, you can use the apps available on the Wix App Market. Here is the list of Wix features:

  • Custom domain name
  • SSL certification
  • Personalized emails
  • Over 500 designer-made templates
  • Visual site-building
  • Animation, video backgrounds, and scroll effects
  • Color customization
  • Unlimited fonts
  • Media gallery
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Built-in analytics
  • Unified data management
  • Code editor
  • Secure cloud
  • Third-party APIs and external data sources connection

Wix rating and reviews

The TrustRadius rated Blogger 8.2 out of 10 based on 280 user reviews.

What users like

“We use Wix for different clients, these clients prefer to use it as it is easier and more intuitive for them instead of some other technical CMS. We do not face any problems with it. it's been a good way for us to explore new applications that bring value to our design business.” - Adrian Romero, Brand designer at Berlin Grey on TrustRadius.

What users don't like

“Wix's drag and drop feature needs some work. You can drag something over, but it doesn't drop easily and can overlap other sections. There are so many options that a beginner could get easily confused. The backend is messy and difficult to navigate.” - Jessica Groff, Blogger, Self-employed on TrustRadius.

Wix support

Wix provides many options to ensure that customers can run into as few issues as possible.

You can visit the help center, call customer service, send an email, or start a live chat with an expert.

Wix pros

  • It offers many design templates for a variety of industries
  • You can adjust all elements on your blog pages and add animations
  • You can integrate numerous third-party apps with Wix
  • It offers automatic backup to help you restore your website

Wix cons

  • With a free plan, you'll get access only to 100 templates
  • There is a storage limit of 500MB in the free plan
  • You can't connect your own domain name in the free version
  • If you want to create an ad-free website, you need to choose a paid plan
  • After setting up your site, you cannot switch to a new design template
  • Mobile loading speed is low

5. WordPress

WordPress is a popular open-source content management system that lets you create your own WordPress site.

It is accessible to anyone. Whether you're looking to launch a portfolio site, establish an online storefront for your business, or need just a blogging platform, you should choose a WordPress site as your solution.

It's a flexible website builder that focuses on the user experience and scales with your needs.

WordPress features

Wordpress blogging

WordPress is compatible with every major browser, mobile device, and social media platform. In addition, you can choose between multiple themes and templates to create a customized website completely free. Here is the list of WordPress features:

  • Register a new domain
  • Add your own domain
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Built-in analytics tools
  • Social media integration and sharing features
  • Automatic software updates
  • Secure WordPress hosting or self-hosted WordPress site
  • Themes and templates customization
  • Free WordPress plugins
  • Responsive design

WordPress rating and reviews

TrustRadius rated WordPress 8.6 out of 10 based on 2,847 user reviews.

What users like

“WordPress is used by our web developer, our copyrighted, and our product developer. WordPress is addressing our website needs including our legal educational pages, our blog posts, our landing pages, our digital product eCommerce pages, our dropshipping eCommerce pages, and our general inquiry and contact pages. WordPress is the backbone of our website with specialized plugins fulfilling specific functionality.” - Louis Schietekat, Managing Director at IP Braai on TrustRadius

What users don't like

“When editing a site, the default built-in editor is clunky to use, so we always install one of the freely available "visual editor" plugins that help with page layout and editing. The "plain" WordPress that is first installed is quite basic and it needs plugins and themes to make it work better. These are readily available but if you've never used them before it can be difficult to set these up.” - James Crook, Lead Business Coach for Massage Therapists at Massage Champions on TrustRadius.

WordPress support

If you need help with WordPress, you can start a live chat, send an email, visit support pages and forums or watch tutorials.

WordPress pros

  • It has a user-friendly content management system
  • It offers free and paid themes and plugins for website customization
  • Its SEO friendly and boosts your SERP rankings
  • It integrates with third-party tools

WordPress cons

  • As an open-source platform, WordPress attracts potential hackers
  • It can decrease your website speed
  • It doesn't have a built-in drag and drop website builder
  • You need to know HTML and CSS to customize design

Free blogging sites: our top 3 picks

Here are our favorite three blogging sites that you should check out in 2022. These are the best of the best: reliable, feature-rich, easy to use, and have great customer support.

1. Hashnode

Hashnode goes beyond being just a blogging platform connecting you and your articles to a community of hundreds of thousands of people.

With Hashnode you're plugged into a massive global developer community on day one. That means thousands of readers that can easily find your work on their feed from the moment you click Publish.

Hashnode also makes it easy to map a custom domain to your blog, which means that the domain authority you build over time belongs to you—not the platform.

So if you are looking for a modern blogging platform with heaps of features and a large community, Hashnode is the clear winner.

  • It gives you a free personal domain name for your blog
  • You can customize and personalize your blog
  • It features your articles to a large community of like-minded people
  • It lets you integrate Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, and more.
  • It integrates with Unsplash so you can quickly find images for your articles
  • It autogenerates a table of contents and audio from the text

2. Medium

We think Medium is the right platform for writers who want to make money from their writing. If you've written something that people love and want to read, Medium's partner program will let you make money every time someone reads your work or shares it with others.

  • It has a large user base and covers many topics
  • If you are a beginner in blogging, it increases your visibility
  • Google loves Medium articles, so you don't have to worry about SEO
  • You will not lose your time on content formatting
  • Change tracker makes your life easier
  • There are no themes and plugins

3. WordPress

We have chosen WordPress because of the freedom and flexibility it provides. The plugins supply in WordPress is immense and is growing every single day. It is why WordPress remains the best blogging platform for any business or individual.

In today's online world, plugins play a significant role in creating blogs or websites to serve the brand's purpose. There are numerous plugins available for your use to optimize navigation, streamline design, and add new features to your blog or website.

  • It is easy to start
  • It is stable and secure
  • It has a user-friendly interface and admin dashboard
  • It has an excellent knowledge base to get you started
  • Its often updates make it compatible with current technologies

Own Your Content. Publish on Hashnode.

Content is the king, and only its rightful owner should reap its rewards. Hashnode is a free blogging platform that lets you own, publish and distribute your content and expand your network in the process.

You can claim your own domain with a custom blog URL hosted by Hashnode. By including Hashnode's platform in your content marketing strategy, you can boost SEO and achieve a stronger web presence.

If you ever decide to leave the platform, you'll continue to enjoy the benefits of high domain authority.

Our developer community and content make Hashnode special. And we offer this to you, 100% free, forever.

Unlike many self-hosted blog solutions, if you post content on Hashnode, thousands of professionals from around the globe will see it helping your blog reach its full potential.

By posting and participating in interactive discussions on Hashnode, you're not only building a following but also making connections that may lead to job opportunities or valuable collaborations down the line. Click here to get started now.

Frequently asked questions about free blogging sites

We've researched and found answers to the most frequently asked questions about starting your own blog for free. You can read our findings below.

There are many popular sites for blogging, but these three free blogs stand out: WordPress, Medium, and Blogger.

Medium is a popular blogging platform for original ideas and thought leadership. You can share your content, read content from other creators, find topics, or search for information on any subject.

There are no ads, spam, or clutter, and you can control who gets to see your work.

Blogger is free, online publishing software that lets you create your own site with basic blogging tools.

With its good mobile interface and a decent post editor, it's a great option for beginning bloggers who want to test the waters without making a substantial financial commitment.

WordPress blog is a free, open-source blogging platform that powers more than 43% of the websites running on the internet.

It allows anyone to set up their very own site without any coding skills.

The platform provides an intuitive dashboard, a wide range of templates, and a simple content management system.

Where can I publish a blog for free?

There are many free blogging sites where you can publish your posts without any upfront cost or investment.

We've covered the best blogging platforms in our article, so here is a short list of other free blogging sites:

  • Weebly
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Substack
  • Strikingly
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn articles
  • Flipboard
  • Quora
  • Squarespace
  • Tumblr
  • Yola
  • Site123
  • Ghost

If you need advanced features that free blog sites can't provide, you should consider using premium blogging platforms.

Does blogging really pay?

The rewards of blogging are not just monetary. There are personal benefits such as learning and developing new skills, expanding your knowledge, and meeting new people.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are plenty of ways to monetize your blogs, such as adding an online store to sell products, affiliate marketing, or advertising.

How do I start a free blog?

Want to start a blog? Let us show you how you can do it with the Hashnode.

  1. Visit Hashnode official website
  2. Click on the blue Create an account button
  3. Enter your email address or connect your GitHub, Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn account
  4. Add some basic information such as your full name, user name, and tagline
  5. Add your personal blog name
  6. Add a free domain name or map down your own domain name
  7. Follow technologies you care about

That's it. Now you can start writing your first blog post and introduce yourself to our community of developers.