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5 Reasons why developers should have a YouTube Channel

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Kaarthik Sekar
·Jul 13, 2021·

3 min read

5 Reasons why developers should have a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel as a developer may not be a bad idea. It can help you grow professionally and personally and it helped me a lot when it comes to having a YouTube channel.

Here are a few reasons why you should have a youtube channel 👇🏻

1. Learning


When you teach something to others it helps you to get knowledge about a specific topic in detail and also clear all your doubts. This forces us to do research, read the documentation and practice more.

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” –Albert Einstein

It also helps in personal development and removes social anxiety. There are a lot of developers (Myself 😂) who don’t talk much, they do not have social skills and they love to isolate themselves from others. So this also helps us to overcome social anxiety :D

2. Online Presence

OnlinePresence No matter in what field you are working, an online presence is very important in this technical era. Everything is online and for personal growth has a strong online presence is an added value. When we have a personal website, personal channel or personal blog creates a personal brand that helps us to gain many new connections

3. Side Income

SideIncome This is possibly the toughest thing that on being a YouTuber. It needs a lot of patience and consistency It's hard to generate money from Youtube. Initially, you won’t make anything but if you start making videos and put your effort into creating good content that will eventually make you get your first dollar on YouTube. You can generate money through affiliate marketing, promoting someone else content or product, sponsorship and a lot of options are out there.

I totally agree that starting a YouTube channel is something soo difficult and it is hard to maintain because when we make a video we will be forced to look into Subscriber count and Views . These all are the reasons people quit but you need to accept that you will have to go through this phase when you will start your own YouTube channel.

4. Getting a Job

JOB It's hard to get a job when you are a self-taught developer or a person with zero computer science degree. So you need to have something different to showcase to job recruiters that you are really worthy for this particular job.

To put it in simple words : If you are someone who makes a video about webdevelopment topics then a recruiter will just visit your channel and through that channel, he/she will understand the depth of knowledge you have on this particular field.

5. Promoting business

Business Online activity and internet is the best source to promote any kind of business and make a profit from it especially when you are doing it through videos. You can showcase your services and products through your channel. When you showcase your services, your projects, or your portfolio, you can get potential clients, customers all over the world. It can help you in freelancing or any other business. Your services can reach from one person to two, two people to four, four to eight, and so on.

Conclusion :

If you watch other people’s YouTube videos often, then you need to create your own YouTube channel. It is time to go from being a passenger to being a pilot. YouTube gives you the ability to upload your videos on the web and potentially get visibility on a large scale. Having a YouTube channel and being a developer can get you a good job at a good company

Do you have a YouTube channel? or Are you in the process of creating your YouTube channel? Please share your thoughts below.

Here is my Youtube Channel, you can support me 🙇🏻‍♂️ and If you got any queries feel free to ping me on Twitter 🙌🏼