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Are there twitch-like live stream videos where I can watch great programmers at work?

Roman Morozov's photo
Roman Morozov
·Sep 21, 2016

I like observing how very senior developers are working. Similar to pair programming but without interfering.

Does anyone know a resource (youtube channel or unique hashtag) where one can find some great developers just doing their thing?


  • Watch how people think and solve problems
  • Tools they use and the way they use them
  • Find patterns in workflow and behavior that you may like and try to embed into own practice


  • In the perfect scenario: I'd love to see a superstar – the greatest programmers like Linus Torvalds, John Carmack, Yukihiro Matsumoto, Brendan Eich, Evan Priestley, Andy Hertzfeld, etc
  • I do not want to see a scripted & narrated tutorial on something. I want to see how people write, run, debug, analyze, improve, etc

I've already tried twitch and there a channel devoted to programming but there are mostly video games developers and mostly not that experienced.