Just curious if there are many musicians in this community! Do you play any instruments? If you do, which? Do you sing?

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I play percussion. Drums, darbuka, Djembe, cajon, tambourine, my office table.

Right now I am working hard to collect some money to buy myself an awesome electronic drum kit.

I also love playing the ukulele. :)


I want an electronic drum kit someday too!

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I have a Jew's harp. I wouldn't daresay I play good on it, but at least my children enjoy it (or not; after a while my daughter wants it for herself. Maybe it's criticism.)

What we both do with my wife is singing. I think both of us are pretty good at it, although it' s clearly not a career option for us. Yet again, our children love it, and also sing a lot.

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I used to play guitar since school. Primary Metal. But the last years I had no time to play. Kids are taking all the the time besides work.

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