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Yarn is a package manager for your code. It allows you to use and share code with other developers from around the world. Yarn does this quickly, securely, and reliably so you don’t ever have to worry.

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What are your relations with the npm team? How did they react?

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Yarn is great and speeds up npm install times drastically! However, within the first few hours of the official release yarn issues came pouring in to the tune of >380 today. What is the yarn team doing to address those issues quickly? Is there any timeline for releases?

Also, has there been any discussion around adding yarn's caching functionality or parallel install into npm core? What do you see as the future of yarn and npm? Thank you!

  1. We hope the community will help out with the bug fixes. The code is quite easy to follow and improve.

  2. We target to make a branch cut / release every 2 weeks

  3. If Yarn can inspire npm CLI then it is a win for the community.

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Ultimately we (developers) don't want to have to handle two package managers, how do you see the future of yarn versus npm? Do you have a plan?

We saw a problem - we solved it, we iterate on improving it. Same thing about all the other libraries/projects/platforms in the JS ecosystem.

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Why cat?

The name started off as KPM (Kittens Package Manager), and we had the original logo with the cat to signify that. My username on GitHub as kittens so it was kind of funny, it was always meant to be a temporary name since it's really close to npm and we'd prefer to distance ourselves from it.

We chose the name Yarn because it's short, has some relation to package management (knitting yarn is used as the foundation for textiles, Yarn is used as the foundation to hold all your dependencies together).

We kept the cat since it's cute and it's still related to Yarn since it's something common (stereotypical) that cats play with.

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Why build a new system rather than push for changes in npm itself? There's plenty of speculation out there, but perhaps you could talk about how Yarn got started; or generally how that kind of decision plays out at facebook? (that is - ramping up an open source project of this scope and potential scale is not a trivial undertaking, how did you decide it was the right way forward?)

We did a JavaScript Air episode about this today and were asked the same question. I recommend watching the video:

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