Best alternatives for firebase

What are the best open-source or freemium alternatives for firebase? I am interested in using Firebase both as a backend infrastructure and as a software framework.

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Your best bet is to use one of the following :

  1. Deployd : It basically lets you build APIs for your web and mobile apps very quickly.
  2. Firehose : Lets you create realtime apps with Backbone and Ember integrations.
  3. : You can roll out your own solution with
  4. Atmosphere : Another nice solution.
  5. Hoodie : Haven't tried this, but heard good things about it.
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AeroBase is a mobile/web platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality modern web and mobile applications.

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Back4app is a great alternative to Firebase because it's Open Source, has a strong developer community to support the technology and no vendor lock in.

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CloudBoost: is the best alternative to Firebase.

With a plethora of great features such as search, cache,queue, push notifications, daily backup,offline sync,relation with docker support, slack integration for notifications in case of any event and the ability to push any file/image/music to it, CloudBoost gives us all we could ever wish for.

Not just this its Open Source too giving us the ability to use it the way we love to without worrying about vendor lock-in.

With CloudBoost app development is a breeze. You can checkout / contribute to open source offering here : CloudBoost/cloudboost.

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I've written an article with 10 alternatives to Firebase. Please check below.

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Take a look at it souinds like it's exactly what you're looking for and has a generous freemium offering.

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It offers a nice package to start with, but actually the documentation is rather complicated.

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Adding my Open Source Firebase alternative to this list, others have already covered the existing ones.

It has realtime updates as you would expect, it is written entirely in JavaScript and works in both the browser and nodejs, it is also fully Peer-to-Peer or distributed/decentralized (think like BitTorrent), and uses graphs so you can have key/value or document or relational oriented data.

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AeroBase is an opensource mobile/web platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality modern web and mobile applications.

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Disclaimer, I´m a founder at Back4app. Please see alternatives to Firebase below:

  2. (will be discontinued in 2017)
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If you like graphql then

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Strapi is a very interesting Open Source alternative for Firebase.

Because it is Open Source, you don't depend on a limited and proprietary SaaS.

It provides great built-in features (authentication, etc.) and an extensible admin panel to let you build APIs within minutes.

Take a look at the demo to discover Strapi:

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You may want to take a look at It provides the same functionalities plus more such as the ability to run your own code on the server, an intuitive dashboard interface and a good documentation and customer support.

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Firebase isn't as much about publish/subscribe as it is about data-sync. An open source implementation of which would be

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Have you tried RxDB? It looks like it can truly replace firebase

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Firebase is a pretty broad development environment but I have also recently learned about Phusion Passenger. It might serve your purposes if you want to develop on your own server/vm/ve.

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Check out, a complete alternative for Firebase with a freemium plan. Includes object database with support for relations and SQL-based searches. Native SDKs for iOS, Android, .NET, JS as well as REST. Supports push notifications and pub/sub messaging. You can augment server-side logic with your own server-side code (in Java and JS) and you can develop your own API Services. There is integration with AWS Lambda and very nice developer console.

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Have a look at Para. It's basically an open source alternative to Firebase.

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Firebase alternatives include:

Contus - Mobile App Development

Openfire - Server & Collaboration

Contus Fly - Real-time Chat Application - App Development

To customize the app/website more easily without hassle, use the above alternatives.