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Best Reasons Why You Should Choose Angular in 2022

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Declan Lawton
·Jan 28, 2022·

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Best Reasons Why You Should Choose Angular in 2022

In this blog, you’ll learn what is Angular, why it is the most preferred framework for web development, the latest update from Angular 13, and its use cases. Let’s deep dive and read ahead to find more in detail.

What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source Javascript framework that focuses to build highly dynamic and scalable single-page applications. Being a cross-platform framework, it extends the syntax of HTML to showcase applications components more concisely. The framework boasts a wide range of template options to build a comprehensive set of features quickly and easily. It is the first choice of developers to build apps like HRMS, CMS, and more.

Why Angular is a good choice for web development in 2022?

1) Wide range of tools availability

To build Angular web application development easily and hassle-free, a comprehensive set of tools are available. Some of them include:

Testing: Jasmine, Karma, Protractor

App Building: Gulp, Grunt, Orchestra

Workflow Management: Bower, Yeoman

2) Useful libraries

Even though Angular is updated and maintained by Google, innumerable web developers participate in the annual event that made many new libraries available. It further enhances the competency of the Angular framework.

Some of the useful libraries include:

  • CodePen
  • Angular File Upload
  • CosmoCMS
  • UI Bootstrap
  • AngularUI
  • Angular fire
  • RestAngular and a lot more

3) Single page application

With such increasing market demand, single-page applications are making their way into web development. It is anticipated that developers in the near future will switch to building single-page apps and it will be the first choice of developers in Angular.

4) Minimal coding required

Being a robust MVC framework, an application built with Angular JS requires minimal to less coding. The major advantage of being an MVC framework is that the layers are independent. And, this makes the development process easier and less complicated.

5) Two-way data binding

One of the core features of Angular is data binding. It means the change in one layer is immediately reflected in another one. The changes made in the model are reflected in view instantly.

Seeing its abundant support and pros, the leading companies are converting their old conventional Java-based app to Angular.

6) Component-based design

The component-based design feature is something that makes Angular stand out amongst the crowd. The use of Angular in delivering high-quality code in the hierarchy is something that makes components acts as section in their functions.

7) Testing-friendly

Using Angular, developers can test an application as many times as they want to make sure that the app is error-free. It is one of the major advantages of working with Angular.

Angular latest update: Angular 13 – What’s new?

Officially released on November 03, 2021, let’s have a quick highlight on what’s in-store in Angular 13.

  • 100% Ivy- Improved localization API to create dynamic components
  • Improvement in build-cache by 70%
  • Improvement in the error message
  • TypeScript >=4.4.x
  • Improvement in Angular TestBed
  • Removal of view engine support
  • RxJS >= 7.4 (Reactive Extensions for JavaScript programming library)
  • IE11 not supported
  • Dynamic enabling and disabling of validators like min, max, and minLength
  • Easy directives disabling
  • Faster APF execution.

Where Angular can be used?

You can hire an Angular development company to build certain kinds of applications including:

  1. Video streaming applications like Youtube and Netflix
  2. Performance-oriented applications like Weather. com
  3. Development of eCommerce and m-commerce application
  4. Social Media applications like LinkedIn
  5. Travel and reservation web application with dynamic features like JetBlue
  6. User-review applications like GoodFilms.


The rapidly changing business environment enforced business owners to get inclined to a dynamic development approach that quench market demands. And, Angular is the perfect tool to surpass competitors and meet the upcoming requirement. Backed by Google, it is quite certain that the feature set is expected to get enhanced and support of unit and integration testing makes development easy.

Hire Angular developers from a reputed web development agency and bang 2022 with a robust, streamlined, and interactive web app.