Best resource to learn React the right way?

Hi everyone!

I've been developing apps the last years with Aurelia and Angular 1.X, but I've been looking into React and Electrode, and I'm wondering what's the best resources for learning how to build a React app properly?

To be completely honest the framework looks a bit intimidating, but seeing as most companies are looking for React developers now, I think it would be a smart choice.

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Nothing is better than Official document is the best way to learn any new technology.

Thanks! I've started having a look. The main reason I asked which I should've noted in the post, is that I was afraid I'd learn 'bad practices' that I would have to re-learn once I start writing an actual application (With Redux etc). Maybe not? I just see so many different approaches when it comes to Angular f.ex.

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I managed to snag the Udemy course 'Modern React and Redux' when it was on sale recently. The course is presented by Stephen Grider and I found it to be a comprehensive introduction into both the coding and the reasoning behind the way react/redux is coded.

I was impressed with the way that Mr Grider presented that, having completed the course, I enrolled in a number of his other courses.

Udemy seems to have sales periodically, so it's worth checking back now and then if the course you want is currently full price.

This course is now available for only $10 with coupon FOCUSFEB. I have just enrolled for it. Thanks for the recommendation.

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Just to add to these wonderful comments, it would be very good if you could search for some articles in which the author mentions about the struggles that they faced while learning React for the first time. Learning those things will help you understand the concepts easily.

Also, don't forget to checkout this free course by Tyler McGinnis.

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I know it costs a little bit of money but I took both the starter and the advanced course and it really hit it home for me. starter, advanced. If the links do not work just go to type in react and the courses from Stephen Grider. I hope this helps. They sure helped me understand it very well.

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Signing up to a newsletter or following popular twitter feeds that share content from ReactJS can be a great way to learn. Reactdom is one such newsletter and twitter account that shares all the best ReactJS stuff.

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