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CRA vs Next.js vs Gatsby - Comparison

Once you’ve finished creating your “create react app”, you may have started to hear “Next.js” and “Gatsby”. From many aspects, it may look similar. But each has a purpose, their own pros and cons. One won’t fit for all.

Here is a quick comparison table. (Full guide initially posted in Coffee N Coding)

Final HTML code generationIn the Client (Browser)In the ServerIn the ‘build’ process (CI/CD server)
SEONot good enoughPretty goodPretty good
Supports any kind of websitesYesYesYes
Learning curveNormalReact + few Next.js apisReact + Graphql + few Gatsby apis
OutputHTML + CSS + JS filesHTML + CSS + JS files + Node.js code to serve these filesHTML + CSS + JS files
Supports Netlify (or any static hosting sites)YesNo (yes, if only using static export)Yes

Still confused? Read my full post where I explain with examples of different websites and which one to choose.

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CRA supports netlify and static hosting, I always use CRA with netlify and now

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