Create a Series to Group Your Articles on Hashnode

Sharing complex ideas often requires more than one story. Some community members suggested that it would be great to be able to group multiple articles together so that it's easier to find them.

You asked - we listened: here's how you can group your stories into a series on Hashnode.

How to add articles to a series

To add a story to a series on Hashnode, click on the more options icon (⋮) below your story, and select "Add to a series":

Add an article to a series

You can either create a new series, or add your article to an existing series:

Add an article to a series

Name or select a series, click on done, and your article will now be part of a series.

Repeat the process for any other articles you'd like to add, and you're done! As you come up with new ideas, you can always keep adding new stories to the series.

You can find all the series you've created under "Series" on your profile page.

Adding more details

When you go to a series page, you will see the "Edit" option:

Edit series

When you click on it, you'll be able to add a description and a cover image for your series.

Edit series

This will give your readers landing on the series more context.

Series on the user feeds

The name of your series will be shown above the article title on the homepage and on the user feeds. If someone clicks on it, they will go to the series page, where they can see all the articles included.

Series name

All of the posts in the series are also shown under each individual story, making it easy to find the next post to read.

Screenshot 2019-03-12 14.29.10.png

Here are some of my favorite series on Hashnode: 💜⚡️

Give series a try!

If you have multiple stories that are connected, please give series a try, or share this post with anyone who might find using it helpful.

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