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Distinguish Published Date/Time from Last Updated Date/Time

Jason Berberich's photo
Jason Berberich
·Jul 28, 2020·

1 min read

I'm new to Hashnode, so apologies if this is already in place but I missed it while looking at examples.

Because of how quickly frameworks and technologies change, one important aspect of technical posts/articles I look for is when it was written.

A recently published post is likely to include up-to-date technical details, while one published a year ago may not have aged well. I catch myself unconsciously factoring the age of the post into whether I should invest my time reading it or not.

However, if the writer was careful to go back and update the article to remain current, it's possible the post is more complete and valuable than the newer one.

For that reason, if a post has been updated after its original publication date, I would like to see either:

  1. Both last update date and original published date displayed ("Published Month Day Year | Updated Month Day Year", for example)
  2. Last updated date replaces original published date

I think having both dates recorded would be valuable metadata to retain, so my preference would be #1.