Do you have anything you want to share with us?

During this period, we have a lot of time. So why we don't seize the opportunity and share any link, resource, book, tutorial, video, idea, etc... If anyone has an idea about online hackathons, streaming, open source projects, new technologies, just write a comment and let us know about it and discuss. I hope that I'll find many people interact with this suggestion.

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Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Yes, we do have a lot of time on our hands now. I have mostly been reading a lot this week and I also started taking a technical writing course created by Google

slim's photo

Very interesting subject. thanks for sharing it :)

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

slim Thanks for asking such a thoughtful question as well

Adeoti Nurudeen's photo

And the time is a great asset. I have a free, productive (less than 20 pages) book

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Adeoti Nurudeen's photo

Thanks for throwing that awesome question. slim

slim's photo

This weekend I just started reading the book Designing data intensive applications

Nikita Verkhovin's photo

Hi! I found this book about database performance and it's amazingly informative and easy to understand

Agustín's photo

This quarantine (strict here in Argentina) I made a news reader with Svelte framework. Any recommendations, are welcome!

slim's photo

Well done. Probably you can add authentication and then add favorite icon to let user choose the favorite news and store them in a list whenever he needs to see them again without searching another time. You can also add date filter to choose the date of news.

Agustín's photo

slim Thanks for your suggestion!

Youssef's photo

I recently discovered the awesome Python package newspaper3k:

Love its simplicity, reminds me of the Wolfram Language.

Momchil Koychev's photo

Hi slim, love your post!

I've been delving into SDLC models recently and decided to create a guide about it.

I published it the other day, it's above 10,000 words as I tried to make it the best out there. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on it? -

slim's photo

Good job, nice article.