Do you like sports? What exactly?

Let's share!

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PhiGuy's photo

Echoing Ben Buchanan (200ok)

Rock Climbing 100%

Ben Buchanan (200ok)'s photo

To do: rock climbing, cycling.

To watch: rugby league, ice hockey when available. If we count motor sports then drag racing and F1.

Nicolas Bouhours's photo

Triathlon for me, it allow me to change sport when i want. I use my lunch break time to go run, swim or sometimes cycling. I love this break it do a real cut !

Blake Strickland's photo

I like to play football and watch professional matches, for example A League. Also I like cycling, we do this with friends every weekend. I have cool bicycle and recently I bought new lights for it to ride at night. It is SHARK 550R, works via USB, here you can check details - product page.

William Clark's photo

I really like American soccer. I played on my high school team and was a linebacker. I even have the shoulder pads for linebackers . But unfortunately now I watch soccer on TV.