Do you recommend AWS Amplify for a small scale Uber clone?

A friend of mine is creating Uber-like app for a small company with 200 to 1000 cars. The app will operate in a single city with that number of cars. The app will work like Uber, with user registration, booking a cab, maps, etc.

Do you guys think AWS Amplify or other such solution will be a good idea to back the app? How much would be the server costs at the peak of app's traffic?

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I am also working on this kind of project for my city with all auto-rickshaw in my city. For that, I am using MongoDB clusters and I think it'll be the best thing for this kind of project. For pricing check MongoDB site.

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What about AWS Amplify? Why would you not recommend that instead? If you mean using it with Amplify, then why not DynamoDB?