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Do you think an 8 hour workday is too much?



Depends, read my comment below 💬

How much do you work every day? What does your employer demand?

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24 answers

After 18 years in the military, 8 hours feels like a part time job.

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If an 8 hour day is affecting your mental health, there's probably a deeper issue that the work day is just exacerbating. Maybe a clinical issue, or the work environment itself is unsafe.

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Almost nobody works as long as they think they do. They're at work but they're not doing some kind of superhuman 100% productivity blast for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Most people have up and down days where they get a lot or a little done; and it averages out. Not to mention they have to prep for and attend meetings, take breaks to eat and so on. Working longer hours just pushes most people into the zone of diminishing returns.


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Depends on the workplace.

Sometimes working 8 hours can feel like much longer, especially if your focus is low. Atm, I stay for 9h at the office and think that working for 8h is a better approach. So many of my colleagues just sit at their desk in the office because they're expected to, not because they have the focus to work effectively.

Working long hours ≠ working smart

~6 hour work day is reasonable, and most people can actually give 100% then. Anything over that and the motivation to push harder really just plummets. Especially working for a corporate enterprise or something that is just a "job". But often one can push those hours a little bit if they're super motivated over something, but even then that starts to turn into burn out at a pretty quick pace. Usually it only takes about 6-12 months for someone to really have the burn out kick in and the apathy just builds up until they're giving about 20% for an 8 hour day, mostly sitting around and twiddling their thumbs while chatting around the water cooler.

Simply, keep the work day to about 6 hours and things are remarkably better for everybody involved over the long term. :)

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I spend around 8.0-8.5 hours at work excluding lunch (5 days a week).

I don't feel that its impossibly demanding. I think the most productive is between 6 and 8 hours (I think research supports something in that range).

Programming in free time is more fun than at work though, and I don't have a very expensive lifestyle, so someday I'd like to work 4 days a week... 20% less money, 50% more weekend!

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Don't count working hrs. Focus on productive hrs. Doesn't matter you sit in office for 12 to 14 hrs and your productivity is zero. Try to build "working hrs means only working hrs attitude.

have a look

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That's quite common if you are employed I guess...

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