Do you use code snippets?

Hey 👋

I created a simple tool to use as a cheatsheet for code snippets that I reuse in most of my projects, the idea is to open it to more developers so that everyone can host their own snippets e.g.

CodeDrops is a curated collection of useful front-end code snippets to help you build better apps, faster.

This is super helpful to me but I wonder if it could be helpful to you too? If so, could you share with me why would that be? ...and please give it a 👍 if you would find it useful, or 👎 if is not something for you.

Thanks a million!

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Francisco Quintero's photo

It's a nice tool what you built here.

Now I realize I don't use code snippets 😅. I do save some code in GitHub gists but they're mostly bash scripts or configuration examples.

Milber Ferreira's photo

I'm a frontend/UX engineer who loves designing and building digital products that people use every day.

The idea with CodeDrops is to give accessibility and ease of use to your code snippets, and these can be bash scripts and configuration files too 😊

Feel free to share a few of the Gists you have 😉

Daily Dev Tips's photo

Nice tool! def will have a closer look to sort snippets

Salaar Khan's photo

This is awesome.