Does Aurelia display its components in order, or independently, as soon as they are loaded?

Displaying components independently is considered bad UX (because of content shifting around, things "appearing", which sometimes change the layout upon loading / filling a container). The solution most commonly seems to be to load components and their dependencies asynchronously, but render only once the previous component in order is already displaying.

How does Aurelia behave with this matter?

See more info about the issue here:

And a demo of the issue:

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Basically, for a given component, Aurelia asynchronously loads all dependencies. Once it has all dependencies, it then renders the component. This process is aggregated up the UI so that with a complex, hierarchical component structure, all resources are loaded before the UI hierarchy is rendered. So, a component will never render before its CSS is ready, for example, and that includes all child components.

Does that answer the question?