I am working on MEAN & MERN stack and really wondered about the performance of these stack. Developing an ERP/CRM or any other enterprise application with MEAN & MERN stack will have high performance and less server resource. I am looking for insights from you all...

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MEAN stack is the current trend and it offers you the ability to do everything from server side to client side in JS. Come to think of it, Node is so good at I/O operations which is why social applications use it, Apps like hashnode, quora, medium can use it because of there type of services, open connections, alot of event listeners and sockets. You can build practically almost anything with MEAN stack. But it would be difficult to manage a single page Enterprise application without running into issues with performance.

Enterprise application typically involves working with alot of data manipulation, getting metrics and data analysis.

Mongo DB - a document database, it stores almost all related document in one something like a json file (BSON)... Which makes it easier to do object manipulation, but doesn't support cyclic objects. I would prefer SQL because I will be doing alot of joins and sub selections which with mongodb populate and aggregation will work but are a lil difficult for beginners to master unlike SQL.

React and Angular are the trends, but I wouldn't advise building a single page Enterprise application. You can build part of your pages with react as you can mix spa and multipages together.

This is just my opinion. You can do almost anything with MEAN or MERN stack, I just wouldn't advise it.