Don't you think it'll be great if creators of popular frameworks like Angular, React and Aurelia come together and build the ultimate JavaScript framework?


Good Idea


Terrible Idea


Never gonna happen


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This way we'll have ONE major JavaScript framework instead of so many and it'll have best features from all worlds. What do you think?

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There's no such thing as perfection in real life. Just think that @EisenbergEffect himself left the Angular2 team to work on Aurelia because they had different visions on how the framework should have been...

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Competition is good for innovation. Necessary, in fact, so it'll never happen (thankfully :-P)

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Oh HELL no!!! At least not for website development. Scripttard crApplets can go and do whatever the hell they want, but if you are building WEBSITES and care in the LEAST about accessibility, those mouth-breathing dumbass asshat bloated steaming piles of manure combined would overflow Biff Tannen's '48 Ford Super De Luxe. It's bad enough people are sleazing out inaccessible train wrecks of how NOT to use HTML or CSS in the first place, without crapping them together as one giant monster laundry list of how not to build anything!

When it comes to "frameworks" it quite often seems the ONLY "legitimate" reasons for using them in the first place stems from three things:

1) Giving a flying purple fish about speed, usability, or accessibility.

2) Not knowing enough about HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to even be writing ANY of them in the first place, much less realize just how badly this idiocy has put the saddle on you, mounted up, and gone for a ride.

3) Trying to do things that have zero blasted business on a website in the first damned place!

But then, I'm not exactly what you'd call framework friendly, as I consider it all to be what happens when ignorance and ineptitude meet... as evidenced by my own article on the topic:

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React is introducing virtual DOM and then people from FP community soon built Om and Reagent. And also comes Elm, then PureScript is using virtual DOM too. People always think we can improve one thing by change another.

See this as an example

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I think it's a great idea, but it definitely never happen in the way we'd want. However, there is already alot of collaboration between frameworks today. The Angular Teams collabs with the react team. The EmberJS guys also collab with the React team on some things. The Angular 2 router was build by Rob who created Aurelia....

The will never be one framework though because there are too many ideas and too many ways to get things done. Plus, apps approach solving problems in different ways. So as great as it would be to only have one JS framework to learn, there are tons of other benefits to the contrary