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Emojis stats are a real thing

cedric simon's photo
cedric simon
ยทDec 20, 2019

I am not sure we are allowed to post "jokes" in here, if not, don't hesitate to get rid of that post.

I use Emojis on a daily basis, only for my own documentation, because it adds clarity to important entries sometimes.

One tool I use, is the [Win]+[;] shortcut on Win10 to select emojis from a palette. It works for many applications.

But I also search on Emojipedia, because the search capabilities is a plus.
I was looking at the statistics of Emoji usage on Emojipedia, and I had a quick laugh at it, so I thought I would share it.

Here is the quote:

๐Ÿ‘ Only 7% of people use the peach emoji as a fruit
The rest mostly use it as a butt or for other non-fruit uses

Article for reference, it's actually informative: