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Experienced React Frontend Developer at Hush - Community for Employees

Arun Antony's photo
Arun Antony
·Nov 7, 2019

Hiring for full-time/remote engineers with a minimum of 2-4 year(s) of experience in responsive web app development in reactjs/nextjs will be a right fit. Freshers and less experience candidate - kindly do not apply.


  • Prior experience of 2+ years in customer facing software platforms leveraging ReactJS in startups or similar work environment
  • Strong experience with popular React workflows (such as Redux, Flux), Next.js, Javascript libraries, Storybook, HTML and CSS (LESS/SASS)
  • Experience interfacing with REST APIs and best practices for front end architectures
  • Proficiency in programming in accordance with Software Development standards, including version control (git) and managing production codebase.
  • Sound understanding of data structures and algorithms.
  • Familiarity with data serialization formats, such as JSON, XML.
  • Exposure to JavaScript task automation tools (Webpack, Grunt, etc.)
  • Understanding of latest browser technologies like Service Workers, FlexBox, WebRTC, etc.
  • Strong analytical skills, with a desire to identify inefficiencies through data analysis and the ability to translate them into product or process solutions.
  • Strong work ethic & team player having a bias towards action.


  • Iterative improvements to the existing features as well as development of new features on the platform while sticking to release dates
  • Design components in isolation and testing it with frameworks such as jest or mocha.
  • Knowledge of Next,js, create and maintain components in storybookjs, and other things around React.
  • Implement visual elements and their behavior with user interactions to deliver a great user experience.
  • Update yourselves with the usage of animations, micro gestures and feedback mechanisms on User Interfaces
  • Write performant client-side code for high volume, production applications.
  • Write test cases for every feature being worked on.



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