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I would like to start this with some ice breaking sessions for people wanted to opt computer science but they took some other line or they want to get into this but don’t know where to start, I would like to share my findings while I started preparing. It is highly unlikely that any Indian would be self teaching him/herself, so I hope this also reaches to people in other countries where I think many people are learning by themselves and they just need an outline to perform all the checks to complete. There is this GitHub repo with

  • OSSU - Open Source Society University,ossu/computer-science (,
    • they have well defined courses available with the estimated timingis to complete just like an University but you can study at 2AM :D
  • p1Xt - they are just another guide to become a software developer, or let’s say you want to start with Backend developement, they have a curated list of things to do and will surely help you with many fre resources P1xt/p1xt-guides (
    • just checkout their guide on that link it already stats many paths.
  • TeachYourSelfComputerScience - yeah I know, this is not a GitHub repo, you might say then what is it doing here. I must say this is worth sharing. Teach Yourself Computer Science (
    • There were few people who started this project to self taught themself computer science and have the dedication, stamina, will to work on but get discouraged or should I say derailed as they don’t know the outline, this resource solves that problem for us
    • This consists the whole computer sciene major topics
      • Algorithms & DS
      • Operating Systems
      • Database Management Systems
      • Computer Networks
      • Cryptography
      • Languages and compilers ( which in every college they teach so badly in India or people don’t even know that this might be a subject )
    • Don’t worry about the books listed if you can’t find them just google search or search on reddit someone must have uploaded it to their google drive. :p
  • Learn Anything ( this site is amazing which shows graphical pathways to learn with the resources linked inside, I shared the link about programming but you can literally search about any other topics as well.
    • Again you will say, Divyesh (undefined), I am going to unfollow you now, you are way out of sharing GitHub repos. But hold your horses just go to that site and open all the links , those are curated list of resources on GitHub repos. You “must” thank me later. Hahaha
  • Anyone want to start with contributing open source projects but till now you only have practiced your Data Structures and Algorithms skills online judges e.g., HackerRank, CodeChef, CodeForces, LeetCode. Don’t worry here comes the unicorn that lets you run fast on the battleground while has the ability to fly as high as you want.
    • Look out this Karan’s Mega Project List - karan/Projects ( Bamboozeled when you can implement the DS & Algos and many other fundamental and also can practice to contribute to make your GitHub profile Lavish
  • Project based learning of computer science fundamentals includes many languages - tuvtran/project-based-learning ( though this has already been covered in portion of this answer I would like to explicitly define it again, in this scope ( I know I have been a bit heavy on learning EcmaScript )
  • bmorelli25/Become-A-Full-Stack-Web-Developer ( For Web Development and start out with JavaScript there are already a ton of resources but this is a curated list of tutorials and projects that will help you learn Full Stack JS by codeburst ( ‘s ceo Brandon Morrelli this is has been my lantern in darkness of unknown.
  • Awesome Github sindresorhus/awesome ( - No words just awesome, check it out yourself. Contains awesome about all the Platforms, Languages, Frameworks, etc.
  • Coding Interview University - jwasham/coding-interview-university ( Does exactly what it says, a curated pathway to prepare for High end Google, Amazon, etc. Company interviews, Mainly focuses on Data Structures and Algorithms
  • I have to share something related to React - ’cause its the only Despacito Spanish song in someone’s English playlist - enaqx/awesome-react (
    • so now I have to share this too, Reactiflux ( they are the best community also helps one to clear out interviews for React
  • System Design Interview notes Github Gist - (
  • Web Developer roadmap - 2018 (
  • Awesome Cheat Sheets - Node.js LeCoupa/awesome-cheatsheets ( and Django - LeCoupa/awesome-cheatsheets (
  • On a very high demand last but not least - awesome competitive programming -

  • EDIT for people following the Book Cracking the Coding Interview there is also an GitHub repo available with the solutions in each language here :

I know I'm forgetting many things I will add more as my mind callsbacks them asynchronously that thread takes long time in processing hahaha :D, so I hope this helps people. Keep practicing and share your pathways, may be this will help you while writing your own script to perform for your own Ted Talk.

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Amazing list! Already found some good content to keep on learning and practicing my skills. Cheers!

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I would like to add

They have a collection of repositories to learn or getting started with some good topics

You can start from: to guide you around the repos.