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How can you know if you're stealing "great code", if you don't know how to write great code? ;-)

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I assume that was directed at me; hard to tell with the "Engrish moist goodry me love you long time"

how was this necessary? This is borderline racist at best, and there's no need to spew this kind of crap, especially here on HN.

We all get it, you hate frameworks. a majority of your posts are usually anti-framework, even if frameworks aren't even being discussed. Not surprisingly, you're pretty wrong in your beliefs. Frameworks are built and used today to prevent developers from having to reinvent the wheel for every little thing they put on their site, thus saving time and effort, 2 key ideals precious to any developer. I would never hire any developer that was so against using frameworks and thought they knew better than industry standards. It's a bit presumptuous and egotistical, to think anyone who uses a framework are "bad" developers, it's simply not true.

I'm sure you'll reply to this, but don't bother, as I probably won't pay any more attention to it, as I don't really value people's opinions that have racial tendencies...

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Good programmers have good ideas; great programmers steal great ideas

would be better imho (in terms of algorithms, patterns and architecture)

Good programmers write good code. Great programmers steal good code, then refactor it to be great.

There. Much better. But still not perfect. I might refactor it later.

Also, I wouldn’t say great programmers steal. They do research, and if they fitd a working solution, they use it instead of writing it from scratch.

"steal" isn't the right term. Should be "learn from."

It doesn't make sense. Who writes the original great code that "great" programmers are supposed to steal?

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