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Grab The Best Gumroad Plugin For Your Woocommerce Website

Grab The Best Gumroad Plugin For Your Woocommerce Website

Gumpress - A Gumroad Plugin for Woocommerce Websites

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Anm Jawad
·Feb 28, 2022·

2 min read

Nowadays Gumroad has become one of the most powerful but simple e-commerce platforms which allow us to get access to a variety of selection tools for selling our digital services. One of the best woocommerce extensions for our gumroad products is Gumpress!

Gumpress allows us to easily import our gumroad products into any of our woocommerce stores if we have more than one. Gumpress creates the opportunity to use any woocommerce theme when creating a Gumroad storefront.

Using Gumpress enables us to sell our Gumroad products through our woocommerce website. As we know, gumroad helps us embed their payment platform in our website Gumpress helps replace the default buy button in our woocommerce website with the gumroad checkout popup.

Gumpress also helps update any gumroad product properties such as the product thumbnail or descriptions and prices with just a click. We need to access our WordPress admin panel and click the "Sync Products" button. Our woocommerce variable products can also be synchronized with the gumroad product versions.

More Details

The installation of gumpress can be done in just a few simple steps. For the whole installation process, visit here.


  • Personalized Gumroad storefront.

  • Import Gumroad products to your woocommerce website.

  • Integrate Gumroad checkout system.

  • Sync Gumroad products with your woocommerce products.

  • Import Gumroad product version as woocommerce variable product.

  • Compatible with the woocommerce shortcodes.

Work With Woocomerce Shortcodes

To view any products selected from our woocommerce website we can simply use a "Buy Now" button. As gumpress helps to synchronize our products with gumroad, the "Buy Now" button allows the checkout popup of gumroad to appear.

Also we can use the woocommerce shortcodes to access our gumroad products,

  • [add_to_cart id="1652"] shows “buy now" button.

  • [product_page id="1652"] show single product page.

  • [products] shows shop page.

The "id" used in the above code snippets is the woocommerce product id as it is already connected to gumroad.




To Conclude

Gumpress helps us maintain our gumroad products easily and efficiently on our woocommerce website. We can directly use any woocommerce theme in our gumroad store with Gumpress.

Though the features of Gumpress mentioned above are short, these undoubtedly helped me a lot to create an exciting woocommerce website synchronized with my gumroad products. There are no existing woocommerce extensions that come closer when compared with Gumpress.

Now I can easily handle all the necessary actions needed through the Gumpress extension. So, in my opinion, I can safely say compress is the best woocommerce extension for my gumroad products.