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Graphic Designing Competition 🚀

Akshay Saini's photo
Akshay Saini
·Sep 4, 2021·

3 min read

A lot of people who love my videos have asked me to start an online merch store. Finally, I decided to start one, but I suck at graphic designing. 🥺

I need help from the Graphic Designers in my network to come up with creative print designs. These designs will be printed on T-shirts, hoodies, and other products!

Hereby, announcing the Graphic Designing Competition! ~ drumrolls ~ 🥳

The products will be for developers(mostly Indians), so the designs should be:

  • Geeky - Desi - Techie - Minimalistic - Creative


I've few ideas in my mind to print on the products:

  • Namaste JavaScript
    This is the name of the most popular video series on my Youtube Channel, people love this a lot. Would love to get Namaste JavaScript printed in a desi+tech way on schwag!
  • Time, tide and JavaScript waits for none
    This is the most famous quote from Namaste JavaScript series, a lot of my Youtube subscribers have already requested this to be printed on a tee.
  • undefined or swag++ or any other 1-2 word print
    Simple, plain, minimalistic wordplay with a geeky word or 2-word, we can play with fonts and colors and aesthetic to make it look cool
  • Itni shakti hume dena DATA or Neki kar, GitHub pe daal or any other 1 liner
    Haha, this would be any Geeky witty line to which all Engineers will be able to relate to.

  • Any creative technical line
    This is open, you can come up with your own unique creative ideas, just make sure they are geeky. It could be funny, witty, motivating, or anything from Namaste JS also.

Who can participate?

  • If you feel you can come up with creative ideas(designs) which will look good on a t-shirt, you can participate
  • No qualifications are required

How to Submit?

  • Turn your creativity into designs
  • Share on Instagram/Twitter, use the hashtag #NamasteDesign and tag me
  • Don't forget to tag me @ akshaymarch7
  • I will retweet and share of Insta story if I like something to gauge people reactions also
  • there's No limit on submissions

When will the competition end?

  • You have to submit your ideas before 5th September, 23:59:59 (IST)

Is there a place to connect and discuss?
Join me on discord for all discussions/clarifications -


The best 5 designs will be the winners

  • Winner 1: for Namaste JavaScript
  • Winner 2: for Time, Tide & JavaScript waits for none
  • Winner 3: for 1-2 word minimalistic design ex. undefined or just swag++
  • Winner 4: for Geeky 1 liner idea. eg. Itni shakti hume dena DATA or Neki kar, GitHub pe daal or anything creative
  • Winner 5: for Your unique idea it could be anything Geeky

what will you win?

  • Of course free t-shirt with the design printed on it
  • A big shoutout on LinkedIn and endorsement on your profile
  • Amazon Gift vouchers and
  • I'll take you out for Dinner!

I'm super excited about the competition, are you?

For non-designers, please comment which idea did you like the best? Also, suggest any creative ideas in the comments.

Akshay Saini

Ps. I did not get much time for the promotion of this event, please help me share this on social media for maximum participation! ❤️