Grepping the Web has never been so easy !

In some cases, it can be useful to grep on Web pages and their related resources. However, as I searched for a Grep-like tool for the Web on GitHub, I did not find any consistent tool that could mimic the well-known grep included in Linux distributions while handling multiple Web-related aspects (Web page, but also the HTTP headeres, the embedded or linked images, the scripts and style sheets and so forth).

This project aims to fill this gap while providing additional features for some types of resources (like JavaScript deobfuscation or CSS unminification) and respecting the grep philosophy (I mean mimicking the same options).

The resulting tool, for some use cases, is an interesting alternative to using some common browser add-ons like HTTP Live Headers or Cookie Manager as it provides, in addition to the mimicked options of grep, a few particular options for handling HTTP headers or setting a cookie while requesting resources before grepping.

For what it's worth, have a look at this repo and its related documentation and start grepping the Web ! Of course, any feedback, or better, any contribution, would be very appreciated.

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