Have any of you created Electron apps using Angular2, or with nedb the embedded JavaScript db?

The Goal

I have been looking for examples online and have been hitting a couple of walls. The issue is the migration from a web app using the MEAN stack with angular 1 to a desktop app using Angular 2 and NEDB instead of mongodb.


As my favorite social network of developers I am searching the minds of you fellow developers for insight and advice. Have any of you seen or worked on any open source projects with electron using nedb and if so a link to them would be fantastic.

Don't worry I will not just leave this message here and hope you all supply the asnwer. I will also actively be looking into this and post my findings If I do run into anything. I am also not asking anyone to go search for anything. If you happen to know something than thank you for posting any advice you have.

I will not be needing any advice on angularjs to Angular 2 conversion help since I am currently in the process of migrating pieces at a time. But advice and findings for Angular 2 in electron code or Angularjs in electron code would also be of great interest to me.

Again I will be searching and posting my findings here as well as to help any future searchers of this question.

Future Thanks

Thank you to anyone who comments or post information to this question and again thanks for your time and efforts as a developer.

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Steve Kinney has a project on Github:

https://github.com/tamouse/FeM-Electron It is part of a front end masters course, but has some simple steps you may be able to use. Hope that helps.

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Thank you there are some interesting apps to look at here and it is on the node 6.9.1 so that is a plus.

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This might sound strange but when I had to do something similar I required in the server part of the application and just had Electron open a window to it once I got a callback that everything was running.

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I am currently doing that for the project but without electron. I want to be able to run it without a server. We actually have it running now.