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Have you tried TailwindCSS? What are your thoughts?

Syed Fazle Rahman's photo
Syed Fazle Rahman
·Apr 24, 2020

Hello there, I have been using TailwindCSS for some time now. Truth be told, I have become a fan of the utility-first concept. The frontend of Hashnode in one of the recent builds was completely ported to TailwindCSS.

Here are the two major benefits that I have observed personally:

  1. Less frequent CSS cache cleaning: If there's a design bug, we update just the view and do not touch the CSS as it is still the same. Previously, we had to change the CSS version with every build to force clear the cache for all our users.

  2. Faster UI building process: We spend less time writing the same set of CSS rules for every component. For example margin, padding, position, background color, etc. are all written, we focus on writing just the UI (or the HTML).

Have you tried TailwindCSS? What are your thoughts? What disadvantages do you find with "utility-first" frameworks?