How can I validate that my mobile app idea is worth investing time?

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Figure out your target demographic/niche then ask those people in a general kind of way. It can get complicated though if it's something people don't know they want yet though in which case you'll have to proceed with caution.

As a developer I would suggest it's always worth exploring regardless of whether or not people find it useful - use it as practise and understanding how to develop and deploy a mobile application. Or, if you already know all that try playing around with new ideas/frameworks/designs to expand your knowledge base and deepen your understanding.

I'm currently in the process of building a mobile application myself. So I understand the worry and potential fear of wasting ones time. I knew my niche because I'm in that niche and have conducted my market research. This concluded that my idea is worth investing the time into. The only problem is that it's taking longer than expected/desired to build haha. But I've set a realistic date of releasing before xmas this year.

Send me a message if you'd like to discuss further - I'm also in the hashnode discord server :).

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The standard convention is to follow SWOT - which breaks down into identifying your company/product Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Basically you need to do an objective analysis of how your app is currently positioned in its target market and what you want its position to be in the future. So look at what your competitors have done, what they are doing and what their products do/don't do. This includes reading any customer reviews so you can build something that meets the needs of users that aren't currently being met by competitors. Having to figure out how to monetise an application is always a fun investigation to conduct as well.

You also need to figure out your barriers to entry. i.e. anything that may stop or severely slow down the entry of your product into the market. You'll also need to look at any peripherals that are required to be launched with your application such as a website, social media accounts, blog posts, content marketing, any marketing collateral.