How did you guys start coding? What's your story?

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December 22th, 2015... I hadn't finished my career yet and was concerned of my future in my country.

I started searching information about jobs in my country in my field and I was disappointed of how the offers were almost zero, I saw that programming jobs were a lot because I'm from Venezuela and lot of people started looking for Venezuelan people because hey... we are cheap.

So well I thought it could be something good if I learned to code so I asked my aunt if she could borrow me her laptop and I started searching for videos on internet of what do we need to start learning. I had used pseudo languages so I knew a little about what we were doing (not too much but at least I knew what a program is).

In that night, searching and searching videos and see what to do and what not (it was difficult to know where to start actually), I found a channel on Youtube were there were some guides for dummies so I saved the channel and started thinking if I should start learning web development.

The next day I decided that I will dedicate my life to that so I started learning and I didn't stop (it was fun actually)... The real reason was that I knew I needed to learn something that I could do remotely because I needed the money to leave my country, and it was so important to earn in a different currency because of the same reason. The first year I worked in my country, I didn't earn enough but I learned a lot and that was the most important thing because I learned enough to work remotely.

And here I am, almost four years later of that moment when a borrowed laptop changed my life haha.

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A Full Stack Javascript Developer who likes to talk about offshore business

Wish you all the best too! just keep learning every day, it's a long journey but hey... it's a good journey too.

Just remind something: Spread the knowledge, every time you can help some one to learn, do it because you will practice too while doing it.

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The journey started on November 10th, 2016 when I watched Who Am I movie I was curious about what they do with computers specifically the part when they enter some commands in the terminal and some cool stuff happens, so I didn't know what to do or how to learn those stuff I usually use my computer for gaming or watching movies, series, anime ...etc.

I made some searches read some articles watched youtube videos at that point I learned some basics about computers and programming but I loved the programming stuff.

Learning phase

I begin to learn HTML and CSS making some bad looking websites then I started to increase the challenge by learning javascript I was confused and overwhelmed by the concepts (variables, functions, arrays, for loops, ...etc) it was like a nightmare for me but day after day it makes sense.

my biggest fault was learning multiple programming languages and not making any projects or progress with one language it was a time consuming and disappointing phase but after a while, I found udemy and took some courses from it and picked a specific stack

I started to evolve with the stack I picked (MERN-stack) by making small projects and contributing to open-source projects.

and that's it (:

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Co-Founder, Hashnode

Hey Alfonso Interesting experience. Can you please add it as a separate comment so that more people can read it? Right now it's a reply to someone else's comment. :)

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I wanted to write Minecraft mods when I was in middle school, that's where my passion for JVM language starts :D

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self-made and self-taught developer still under construction

Oh, that is amazing!! I hope it all goes well, good luck!!

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In high school, we had a hot Programming teacher, and we also had optional classes for students that are interested in that field. I was only interested in the teacher but the more time I 've spent with her on those classes, the more I got into the programming.

That's about it.

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self-made and self-taught developer still under construction

A hot programming teacher is the key! Awesome story, thank you for sharing!!! :)

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Its funny because it was by accident and it was a random thing that change my life completely. At the 9th grade of school I could pick regular school or technical school and I wanted to pick technical school but back then I knew nothing about computers, I just knew I liked to play pinball on windows XP, mess around with games and paint.

I chose a technical course about IT and I tough "wow nice, I will learn how to fix a computer" altough I was not interested in hardware at all. But then when I saw the course program there were subjects such as "Programming Languages", and "Algorithms" and I was like: "This sounds really great, and better then I was expecting" and so the Programming Languages subject soon became my first subject and I enjoyed it so much because it looked like a logic game, and I was really good at it.

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self-made and self-taught developer still under construction

I also played a lot of pinball and paint on windows XP too, those were funny times!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚ Looks like you've had a nice surprise there that changed your life 😊 thank you for sharing!!