How do I evolve from intermediate to advanced level as a web developer?

I have been following Angular2 from past 5 months. In the process, I read lots of blogs, watched youtube videos and recently took udemy course.

I kind of understand the concepts and have built some smaller apps like todo list etc. Most of this I have done watching videos.

My problem is I run out of ideas on trying to build something from scratch on my own. I end up following youtubes videos for help and ultimately I feel not having learned anything. It's like I end up doing more passive learning than active learning.

Any advice would be helpful :)

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In order to evolve, you should make sure you can do whatever you want even without any framework at all (stop relying on one single tool!). Check your basic knowledge. Do you know VanillaJS? Can you use it? Is there anything you still do not know about CSS, like specificity? Have you tried different approaches for your server, yet? Take a look at the differences between PHP, Ruby, Node.JS, etc. and find out how to implement ideas from other languages, which you think are good, into the language of your choice. Evaluate if it was a good idea. There are tons of patterns, ideas on how to do stuff and areas you might not feel at home, yet. All you need to do is explore what you still don't know ;)

You might want to check my article about basic skills or take a look at how I combined ideas from different sources in order to create added value.

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thanks for the reply @maruru . I started off with css to begin with and then learned javascript and jquery with time. But my problem was I didn't build any useful stuff with it. I gathered more of theoretical knowledge and then jumped to angular 1.x. My motive behind learning any framework (angular2) is to at least develop some app or something useful after all the learning. I didn't get any chance to use VanillaJS but will be using it now :) thanks for sharing the other articles as well. I will definitely learn a lot from them.