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How do you report an account officially on Hashnode?

An account by the name of Vegenia messaged me on Hashnode claiming to be a coder in Texas and looking forward to starting a working relationship with me. She left me an email address to mail her through, which I did. I got a reply from her telling me about some ailment she has and how she is trying to raise some money blah blah. I figured out that I was being catfished and just accused her.

I'm a Nigerian so the devil himself would have to open a social media account for me to get scammed by these internet scammers. I would just like to report the account so other people do not fall prey. scammer.jpg

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6 answers

Any time you receive such messages or notice that behavior, go to that person's profile. On the left side, below social media networks, you'll see the report button.

Optionally, you can message team Hashnode or me personally!

We do not approve of such behavior. Check out our Code of Conduct for more info.

Good to know.

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Haha, good I am not the only one come across peeps like that. Take a look below. Sandeep already took care of his account and he might have different accounts in hashnode now so just beware.


image (1).png

image (2).png

That was totally at a different level 😮

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Same message, but since reporting, or any profile interaction at all, from the messaging interface is really frustrating, I opened a feedback issue 😉 Don't forget to tell the team whatever frustrates you so they can improve the platform!

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I also got the same message, but profile seems to be blocked.

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I got the same private message. It seems the person is already blocked.

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I also got the same message. When I checked the profile it is already blocked.

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