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How do you stay focused/enthusiastic while learning?

Mauricio E.T.'s photo
Mauricio E.T.
·Apr 17, 2020

I'm currently back in my learning cycle.

I often go through cycles where I'll be all-in and extremely enthusiastic about learning to code (currently JavaScript) but will eventually "lose steam" and fall out of it until the next cycle. Does this happen with anyone else? The same thing happens with things like gaming, where I'll eventually become bored of it and stop for a while. I don't think "bored" is the best way to describe my coding cycle though, since I always have a genuine interest and desire to learn.

I think I can liken this to impostor syndrome. I'm 32, did not go to school for computer science and have lofty goals which can often times seem unrealistic because of where I'm at with learning, and how long it's taking to get to where I want to be.

I think I could also blame shiny object syndrome. I've collected a good amount of courses over the years, most of which I didn't complete. Thanks to Pluralsight's free month though, I gave myself the goal of completing one or two of their JavaScript-related paths. Since it's a premium subscription, I believe I'll be able to stick to it since I won't be able to keep the subscription beyond April. So far I'm doing ok.