How I built my first Kotlin-VertX-Hibernate stack

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Very informative. Thanks for writing this. :)

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A few small suggestions. Vert.x web Router has a 'blockingHandler' so that you don't need the extra calls to 'executeBlocking', and therefore have simpler code. Secondly, you can pass the instance of EntityManagerFactory to your verticles in a constructor and use it in any of your code as long as it is declared 'final'. Finally, you could have a 'Main class which starts your Vert.x app by calling 'Vertx.vert()' and do your blocking configuration (Hibernate/LiquiBase/etc...) before you deploy your first Verticle.

1: router.get("/blocking").blockingHandler { it.response().end(" Hello World :-) ") },

I've seen that, the plan is to replace the blocking code with Quasar fibers at some point, hence the reason I've been writing it like that, but valid point :-)

In Kotlin + Quasars the executeBlocking would be replaced with fiber @Suspendable { .. blocking code .. }.get()

2: that sounds awesome, I did not know that. Do you have an example of that?

3: any major benefit doing it this way?

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Nice share. But, why you did not put this on github?

You are more than welcome to publish it on Github, I'll share the link here as well.

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Good work and nice write up! But the end result compared to what you'd get with Spring repositories and annotations is much more cluttered. I understand that you went down this path until Spring 5 stable is released but when that happens I don't see any reason someone would go with vertx+hibernate instead of that.

Great idea. I'm sure many people would be interested including myself. I also would like to see kotlin coroutines with vertx APIs. They have been nicely integrated with spring 5

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