How long does your laptop's battery last and how can I improve mine?




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Developers usually complain of getting less battery time than the default battery time due to the development tools and applications we run daily.

  • How long does your battery last you?
  • What's your laptop's brand?
  • What do you think drains up your battery?
  • Do you know any battery myths?
  • What battery-saving tips have worked for you?
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With what you say about draining, why wouldn't Apple make measures for this. It could silently discharge 20 times 5% or something during a month in order to exercise the battery – If it works as you mention.

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Very true! I'm not sure of this myself, I shared the screenshot from Quora. Emil Moe

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I am currently using a Dell XPS-13 (2019) and I would say I am very happy with its battery life. It can get quite hot after a long session which will cause the battery life to start draining much quicker so usually I will take a break then to let it cool off.

From what I know, to save your battery life without compromising performance, you can:

  • Turn off your back-lit keyboard
  • Lower down your screen brightness (this is probably obvious but it can really boost your battery life)
  • If you have a discrete graphics card, change it to integrated graphics
  • Quit applications that you are not using (especially OneDrive)
  • Kill unnecessary background processes

Some battery myths I know:

  • Keeping it charged all the time is bad
  • Charging it when it's 30%-80% is bad (In fact, you would ideally want to keep your laptop running around this percentage to maximize its health. Personally, I just keep it charged as long as possible to reduce its cycle count as much as possible because I don't feel like try-harding lol)
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PHP developer

All PCs require essential upkeep. I recommend running an infection check each week, and defragmenting (extras > framework instruments > circle defragmenter) consistently and after you introduce a program.

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fix stuff (kinda)

"Keeping it charged all the time is bad" not a myth for some laptops.

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I have 2 main laptops:

  • MacBook Air 2018
  • DELL XPS 9550

I'm sort of okay with the battery for both, my MacBook lasts me almost an entire workday on battery, especially if I switch to SublimeText which is very light on the battery and ease down on npm processing commands.

The DELL only lasts 3,5 to 4 hours, I could probably extend that if I disabled some features, but I don't want to mess around with that. I don't use that one for when I need long battery life, I use it more as a replacement for a desktop since I don't want a big computer to take up space. The Dell has build in 960M NVidia and 4K screen which I believe is heavy for the battery. I do have the portable extra battery from DELL though, so I think I can extend it to 6-7 hours with that.

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I am a wevsite developer and I have recently bought Dell Inspiron 3793 from Reecoupons by using Father's day promo code. The battery of this laptop giving me a backup of 4 hours while using Visual studio. It is worth buy for me, awesome configuration, best battery backup, graphics everything is what I want. I minimize the brightness and don't keep my laptop on charger for a long time.

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I am currently using a HP Spectre x360 13-inch (2017) laptop. Used it since August 2017 and now its battery can only last less than 30 minutes unplugged even when fully charge... :( It's basically a PC to me now. I made the classic mistake of unplugging my charger so frequently that it increases the charge cycle.

Some battery-saving tips I should have done is to keep it charged longer to save cycles and only unplug the charge if I really need to. Also, get a laptop cooler to keep the battery cool when the laptop is overheating. I think I heard that too much heat can damage the battery or something. And set the laptop to Battery Saver mode. That increases the battery life for about 20% for me.

For my laptop in particular, I think using Google Chrome is a huge battery drainer. I also used to keep a lot of tabs open. Big mistake haha.

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Ahh, these are very great tips. Thanks for sharing Victoria Lo :)


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This is quite informative. Thank you for sharing Victoria Lo

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Currently, I am using HP Elitebook G2, the battery usage depends on what I'm working on.

  • I mostly use android studio which is quite heavy with its Gradle build. this gives me about 3-4 hours on battery.
  • On light usage I can get up to 6 hours, funny enough surfing on Chrome alone doesn't hurt my battery much as others are pointing out, even when I am streaming videos.

Battery-saving tips:

  • Personally I have discovered that using batteries till they "freak out" ultimately shortens the life span, so whenever my battery gets to Saving mode, I just turn off the PC.
  • Working with reduced screen brightness, but don't hurt your eyes.
  • I once used my PC placed on a mattress :), don't do it.