How stay productive as developer in quarantine

When you are a developer and in quarantine, most probably will work from home whether it is because of the policy of your company or you are freelancer.

And for a few days, it felt good right? no need to commute, or even we can go to our parents house and no need to pay the rent. But after few weeks, maybe you will feel something different, such as insomnia, and over time your productivity will decrease.

Well, I felt it too, then I discover some new way to keep productive and sane while in quarantine


Try to stick to the schedule. If it is night, then sleep, and try to wake up in the morning. Okay you can just work after waking up even though it is late, but if you do that often, then you just felt that you don't have a live, like sleep -> work -> do things -> sleep. Just like that over and over again


This is quite complicated suggestion, but Try going outside, at least you can see the sun. Sun is vital for us, it can help us with circadian rhythm and Vitamin D. Our if you cannot go outside, just open the window of your house/apartment and let the sun shine to you.

If bored, try this cool tool to generate fancy text or check toolkit bay for more cool tools to boost your productivity.

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